Texas Tech University :: School Of Art

Rebecca J Hopp :: Third Year
Nicollet, Minnesota

The transparency of my current photographic artwork looks beyond the ink on the print, and examines what we think we know about our food and the people who are essential in its production. The material layers in my artwork reveal how I see and understand the complexity of agriculture. The physical levels of images speak about the multi-faceted lifestyle. The layers speak about different connections I have to the image and memories.The physical layers of images show the complex multifaceted lifestyle of agriculture.These photographic pieces are pliable, skin-like, soiled, and imperfect - much like objects encountered daily in this lifestyle. Yet, for me they hold a strong connection to my past and display that traditions run deep in agriculture. While referencing the past, my images move forward to address agrarian change. Here the gap is experienced, "the gap between image and lived experience is the piece in which both dreams and ideas are created."

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