STIMULUS: John Ryan Gallegos and Nate Collins

Saturday, November 11th at the 3D Annex Alt-Space (Room 108)
5:00-6:00 PM: Discussion led by Assistant Professor Cody Arnall
6:00-8:00 PM: Exhibition Reception
Free & open to the public.


LUBBOCK – John Ryan Gallegos and Nathan Collins, BFA candidates in the Texas Tech University School of Art, present their own collaborative exhibition Stimulus. The collaborative exhibition Stimulus will open November 11th through 13th, 2017. There will be an Opening Reception for the exhibition on Saturday, November 11th from 5:00 - 8:00 PM with a open discussion with faculty and students, lead by Texas Tech School of Art assistant professor in sculpture Cody Arnall. The exhibition will be located in the Texas Tech School of Art 3D Annex Alt Space (3216 Main Street, across from the TTU Rec Center).

John Ryan Gallegos and Nathan Collins share their experience through sound with their collective and collaborative works. Stimulus is a response to the differences and similarities in their audio-visual experiences. A friendship was cultivated through art and that friendship has generated art. The exhibition is an end product through sharing perspectives, working collaboratively and individually, and translating sound to/through sculpture.

A low pitched sound is made. One of them can hear it comfortably; the other cannot hear it at all. A high pitched sound is made. One of them can hear it comfortably; the other must cover his ears. Stimulus is a response to the differences and similarities within the artists' audio-visual experiences. Through their shared experiences emerged a friendship and the idea to curate works that reflected their perceptions. They differ on the auditory spectrum, however, the similarities lie in the idea of 'dampening.' John Ryan's ears are physically losing capability to perceive lower sounds, while Nate simulates dampening to block out higher sounds. Dampening was translated into a number of the works through muffling objects or materials that simulate dampening such as foam and stuffing. They explore and experiment with the percussive, piercing, and problematic aspects of sound by constructing physical representations of their lived experiences. In an attempt to transcribe an auditory incident into a manifestation that others can experience, metaphor was crafted into the physical. The sculptures exist as stimuli in order to create audio-visual sensations.

Both Studio Art BFA candidates in the School of Art at Texas Tech University, John Ryan has a double concentration in sculpture and jewelry design & metalsmithing whereas Nathan's concentration is in photography. They are currently taking an independent study with Assistant Professor in Sculpture, Cody Arnall. Most of work shown has been produced during their independent study.