Texas Tech University

MFA Lectures - Fall 2020

Brandy Green

November 2, 2020: BRANDY GREEN
"Phantom Limbs: Matter Over Mind."

I am a ceramic artist who uses clay to trap, release and process memories. My work explores how my memories have shifted my perception of "self" based on Neurophilosophy (the physical functions of our brains dictate how we think and operate). Patricia Churchland, the founder of Neurophilosophy, claims that our individuality is rooted in our episodic memories. However, our memories are faulty. Our brains constantly deconstruct and then reconstruct our memories, especially during sleep. With our memories being so faulty, can we really know ourselves? And is there a difference between bodily memory and mental memory?

Madeline Hernandez

November 9, 2020: MADELINE HERNANDEZ

PotHoles questions what constitutes a body and the authority to determine what is subject and what is object. Painted images which encompass gapping assholes, pendulous breasts, and genitals who vomit anything and everything blur the boundaries between invented figures who meet the bare minimum requirement of body.

Andrew Lawson

November 10, 2020: ANDREW LAWSON
"A Present Dystopia: Trends in Popular Consumerism."

As our existence extends deeper into the post-humanist age, our value system changes and trends in 'popular consumerism' fade. Our relationship between the virtual and the real begin to dismiss the importance of material and highlight our consumption of information in an age of disinformation. Processes of mediatization in artmaking help show the dichotomy between the virtual and the real in our society and help see how future value systems are developed.

Devin Ratheal

November 12, 2020: DEVIN RATHEAL
"Fleeing the Mark-Maker."

Images condition us in powerful, almost invisible ways. My paintings of distorted images of Renaissance and Baroque paintings play with the tension between sensual perception and conceptualization. These "stable" distortions allow us to explore the conditioning elements of the original image in an open-ended, playful way. This playful engagement subverts the experience of perception as a purely receptive act, revealing perception as an ongoing, creative multiplicity.

Joshua Welch

November 18, 2020: JOSHUA WELCH
"We'll Never Get There if You Keep Stopping to Look at Ducks."

The potency of nonsense permeates every single moment. Our lack of ability and understanding often forms frustrations of purpose alongside miraculous discoveries of meaning. Nonsense creates an unsolvable puzzle that becomes entertainment for eternity. Research cannot save you from it, knowledge only exacerbates it, and ignorance is its home. Nonsense becomes God, and vice versa.

AliAnn Rushing

November 19, 2020: ALIANN RUSHING
"Remember Our Pressure."

This lecture will explore the inherent conflicts between feminism, where subject is integral, and the world of objects where we must reject subject-hood. Object-oriented art-making allows for unexpected alliances and generative moments between feminists and objects, sharing our histories and strategies for autonomy.

Virtual lecture begins at 6:00 PM. CLICK HERE for the link to the presentation.

Rick McCoy

November 23, 2020: RICK MCCOY
"Fabricating a Value Revolution"

Humans used to be connected to nature and to its powers, yet we began thinking scientifically because we needed concrete answers and explanations of the things we don't understand or what we can't see. In the West, our milieu teaches us to dislike things we can't explain scientifically through things like the media, books, and movies. This way of thinking affects us in deeper ways than most of us realize. It affects what we like and dislike, what we believe and disbelieve, and what we buy. It seems that science is constantly translating everything that exists into objective rational knowledge. Humans have become complacent in this way of thinking. We need a new language, a new discourse, a new framework. With this said, we can see that by the decisions we make every day in continuing to be a throw-away culture. Our actions are affecting everyone and everything on this planet. Our actions are killing our ecosystems which proves how everything is rhizomatically connected.

Virtual lecture begins at 6:00 PM. CLICK HERE to view the presentation.