Texas Tech University

Fall 2017 Exhibitions

08.14 - 09.24.2017

Tina Fuentes: The Creative Process
Art Building Studio Gallery

08.26 - 09.17.2017

Meg Griffiths: Casa de fruta y pan
Art Building SRO Photo Gallery 

09.01 - 09.24.2017

2nd Year MFA Graduate Student Exhibition
Art Building Landmark Gallery 


Kim Timmons: MAE Capstone Exhibition
SOA Satellite Gallery at CASP, 6:00-9:00 PM

09.13 - 09.24.2017

The Collaborative Book Covers: Zachary Schomburg and Dennis Schmickle
Art Building Folio Gallery

09.19 - 10.15.2017

Libby Row: Like Panes of Glass
Art Building SRO Photo Gallery

10.02 - 10.14.2017

Pattern + Repetition: Projects from Art Foundations Design I + II
Presented in conjunction with the Arts Practice Research Conference
Art Building South Gallery

10.07 - 12.17.2017

Current Reflections on the Natural and Manmade
Curated by Gail M. Brown in conjunction with the 2018 Texas Metals Symposium
Art Building Landmark and Studio Galleries

10.18 - 11.12.2017

Elvia Perrin: Prints
Art Building Folio Gallery


Everything is Collective: A Concept is a Brick
SOA Satellite Gallery


Flooded, Drowned: Ofrendas about Harvey, Irma, and María
Reception 6:30-7:30 PM, November 3rd
Art Building South Gallery, continuing through November 5th

10.18 - 11.12.2017

Min Park: Label Green
Art Building SRO Photo Gallery

11.14 - 12.16.2017

Peter Glendinning: My Paris
Art Building SRO Photo Gallery


TONY WISE: Delineating Marks
6:00-9:00 PM, Satellite Gallery at CASP