Texas Tech University :: School Of Art

Deborah Bay: The Big Bang
March 31 – May 4, 2014

Deborah Bay’s series, The Big Bang, brings the issue of gun control to the simplest, yet most powerful, level: the bullet. After Houston law enforcement professionals fire shots into plexiglas, Bay photographs the aftermath in the studio. The resulting images resemble vivid exploding galaxies. The vibrant colors and unearthly imagery of the photographs intrigue the viewer with “the psychological tension created between the jewel-like beauty and inherent destructiveness of the fragmented projectiles in the plexiglas.” While Bay herself does not make any direct stance on gun control, the conflict – between these images of awe-inspiring splendor and the deadly force behind their creation – cannot be ignored.

Deborah Bay holds a PhD in Education from the University of Texas in Austin. Living in Houston, she is an Advisory Council member for the Houston Center for Photography. She exhibits nationally. www.deborahbay.com

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