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Calling all art students to Foundations! While you are working on the required 22 credit hours of Foundations this is the time to think about your choice of degree specialization: whether you choose Art History, Communication Design, Studio or Visual Studies, Foundations will help you understand the basics. As you work through this set of eight classes we will ask you to be thinking about a range of materials and ideas: the color of gender, drawing in memory, the history of space, community connections, the front lawn and the human figure. And as we think about all of this, we will work inside the studio, outside the classroom, within the wood shop, throughout the lecture hall and around the gallery.

Art Foundations
All students seeking a degree in art are required to take 22 hours of Art Foundations courses in the areas of studio art and art history. These courses consist of the following: ART 1100, Introduction to Art; ART 1303, Drawing I: Introduction; ART 2304, Drawing II: Introduction; ART 1302, Design I: Introduction; ART 2303, Design II: Introduction; ARTH 1301, Art History Survey I; ARTH 2302, Art History Survey II; and ARTH 3303, Art History Survey III.I.

Advanced Placement

Students entering art programs may be considered for advanced placement in the Art Foundations program through the College Board Advanced Placement Program (AP) or the School of Art Foundations Portfolio Review. Art students who score a 4 or 5 on the College Board Exams in drawing portfolio, two-dimensional design portfolio, or three-dimensional design portfolio will receive credit for Drawing I, and/or Design I, and/or Design II (3-dimensional design) (ART 1302, 1303, 2303). Students also may be considered for advanced placement by presenting a portfolio of artwork to the School of Art Foundations Portfolio Review Committee to determine if the portfolio merits course credit for Drawing I, Design I, and/or Design II. The Foundations Portfolio exam is a service provided to students who declare a field of specialization in art. It is not intended for students minoring in art or seeking to fulfill a fine arts general education requirement. Students who are awarded advanced placement through the College Board Advanced Placement Program (AP) or the School of Art Foundations Portfolio exam may earn 6 hours of college credit. Entering art students who receive a 4 or 5 on the College Board Advanced Placement Program in art history will be exempt from taking ARTH 1301 and 2302.

Fall 2013 – Spring 2014
Our theme this year will be Outreach. As we continue to assess our Foundations program, we will look for ways to reach out to our freshman students and area high school students interested in pursuing a degree in art. We can start by think about Spring 2014 SOA Open House where we can conduct workshops, display our student work and serve on high school portfolio review panels. We can also keep in mind several regional and national organizations that SOA has been involved in: TASA Texas Association Schools of Art; FATE Foundations in Art Theory and Lubbock Arts Alliance.

Carol Flueckiger, Foundations Coordinator

August 20 - LISD In-Service Meetings
August 22 - Fall Foundations Meeting
September 27 - TASA Exhibition Mail in Deadline
October 10-12 - TASA Conference in Houston
October 18 - 2D GPTI Review/SIF Budget (CF, DL, SY)

December 17 – January 12 - Winter Break

January 13 - Spring Foundations Meeting
February 28 - Proposal due for Women Studies Conference
February 28 - 2D GPTI Reviews/SIF Budget (CF, DL, SY)
March 7 - Open House/High School Portfolio Review
April 10-13 - Lubbock Art Festival
April 17-19 - Women Studies Conference
                       Amarillo College Portfolio Showcase
                       TASA Board Meeting

Tenure/Track Faculty

Adewale - Studio Art
Cortez - Art History
Flueckiger - Foundations/Studio Art
Lindsay - Foundations/Studio Art
Ogus-Esen - Art History
Orfilia - Art History
Smith - Studio Art
Tate - Art History
Yoo - Foundations/Studio Art
Scheckel - Staff

GPTI Faculty
Cunningham - MFA Painting

Bee - MFA Photography
Koonce - MFA Sculpture
Chase - MFA Printmaking
Collins - MFA Painting
Scales - MFA Painting
Wheeler, B - FADP-Art

Adjunct Faculty
Cannings, S
Wheeler, J
Conrad, C
Kim, R
McIntyre, S