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Your first year is formative for your college experience – it is both building block and stepping stone. As you consider your degree specialization – be it in Studio Art, Co Graphic Design, Art History, or Visual Studies (art education) – START will give you the essential tools to become a creative and critical maker and thinker. Discover a range of materials and ideas. Learn how to combine ideas and forms. Explore different countries and continents, and traverse vast expanses of space and time. Begin to talk critically about a work of art. Question assumptions. Build a community – by the simple act of learning from each other. Your instructors will guide you in the fundamentals, challenge you to test your creative limits, and encourage you to discover that most foreign country – yourself. We will work in- and outside the studio, classroom, and gallery, to get you on your way to becoming a learned, resourceful, adaptive, and committed, artist.

Art Foundations
ART 1100 – Introduction to Art
ART 1302 – Design I: Introduction
ART 1303 – Drawing I: Introduction
ARTH 1301 – Art History Survey I
ART 2303 – Design II: Introduction
ART 2304 – Drawing II: Introduction
ART 2309 – Technology in the Arts
ARTH 2302 – Art History Survey II

Art Foundations Portfolio Review

Foundations Reviews are required for all Art Majors. It is built into the Foundations courses. These reviews help you practice developing a portfolio, which is a useful preparation for both the BA and BFA track as well as the art/design fields in general. The Art Foundations Portfolio Review is intended to help students reflect on their first year and give them a chance to see an overview of the work they produce in multiple classes. It is also intended to help faculty guide students toward the best possibilities for their strengths within the School of Art. These reviews are run through the Foundations classes. If you are an Art BA or BFA major or thinking about being a major, please complete the form located in your syllabus and submit to your instructor.

High School Portfolio
Contact Carol Flueckiger for High School Portfolio Information. Carol Flueckiger

Advanced Placement

Students entering art programs may be considered for advanced placement in the Art Foundations program through the College Board Advanced Placement Program (AP) or the School of Art Foundations Portfolio Review. Art students who score a 4 or 5 on the College Board Exams in drawing portfolio, two-dimensional design portfolio, or three-dimensional design portfolio will receive credit for Drawing I, and/or Design I, and/or Design II (3-dimensional design) (ART 1302, 1303, 2303). Students also may be considered for advanced placement by presenting a portfolio of artwork to the School of Art Foundations Portfolio Review Committee to determine if the portfolio merits course credit for Drawing I, Design I, and/or Design II. The Foundations Portfolio exam is a service provided to students who declare a field of specialization in art. It is not intended for students minoring in art or seeking to fulfill a fine arts general education requirement. Students who are awarded advanced placement through the College Board Advanced Placement Program (AP) or the School of Art Foundations Portfolio exam may earn 6 hours of college credit. Entering art students who receive a 4 or 5 on the College Board Advanced Placement Program in art history will be exempt from taking ARTH 1301 and 2302.

Foundations Teaching Links