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Horn Professor Named ACS Fellow
Richard A. Bartsch named to second class of Fellows for his work removing dangerous metal ions from wastewater.
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Psychology Students Help Cancer Patients
A group of psychology doctoral students provides psychosocial services for cancer patients by teaming up with the Southwest Cancer Treatment and Research Center.
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Researchers Extend Diplomacy Through Science in Iraq
Program is an outgrowth of faculty involvement in the reconstruction of science, technology & engineering in Iraq.
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History Professors Sculpt Future of International Relations
Ron Milam and Justin Hart spread their knowledge to Vietnam's educators in an intensive five-day course.
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Researchers Set to Find Why Chemical Reactions Work
With the help of international collaboration, Texas Tech uses computers to learn what happens on a basic level.
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Extinct Crocodiles Robbed the Cradle of Mankind
Crocodylus anthropophagus probably waited for hominid prey to come a little too close to the water’s edge.
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Professor Recovers Data from Apollo Missions
Geosciences expert Seiichi Nagihara is helping NASA restore and reanalyze data received from the moon.
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Why Homeless People Refuse Shelter
In his new book, sociologist Jason Wasserman uncovers shortcomings of social assistance programs.
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Some Tips From an Ancient Chinese Philosopher
Professor Howard Curzer on his paper "Take Your Job and Shove it: Mencius on Resigning and the Doctrine of the Mean."
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Dr. Guigen Li has received a four year award from NIH for the project “GAP Chemistry Approaches to Chiral Amino Acids, Peptides and Peptidomimetics” in the amount $ 1,060,111.

Dr Guigen Li is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Professor Li is interested in the development of new achiral and chiral reagents, new reactions, their asymmetric versions and applications. He is also interested in bioorganic and medicinal chemistry, especially, in the study of new analgesic and anti-inflammatory agents, peptide and peptidomimetic drug design, synthesis and structure-activity-relationship (SAR) studies that are important for treating diseases, such as AIDS, cancer and diabetes. Gap chemistry, which stands for Group-Assistant-Purification chemistry is an approach  that combine economic, environmental and green aspects to  enable organic synthesis without traditional purification procedures.

Congratulations Dr. Li from your colleagues in Arts and Sciences.