Texas Tech University

HESS Professor Gives Lectures in Spain

Dr. Jacalyn J. McComb (standing), Dr. Ascensión Blanco Fernández

Dr. Jacalyn J. McComb, a Professor in Health, Exercise, and Sport Sciences, was recently invited to the European University of Madrid (UEM) in Spain to present lectures to students and faculty in Medicine and Sport Sciences.  The European University of Madrid is a Laureate International University.

At the UEM campus Dr. McComb visited and lectured to students and faculty in the School of Health Sciences, the School of Sport Sciences, and the School of Biomedical Sciences. The students that she lectured to were studying to become exercise physiologists, sports psychologists, health clinicians, physicians, and nurses. She was asked to present lectures on the topics of Stress and Health, Heart Rate Variability and Health, and Exercise Assessment and Prescription for Eating Disorder Patients. 

Dr. Ascensión Blanco Fernández is from the UEM, and is a professor in the School of Biomedical Sciences. She is visiting Texas Tech University to set up an academic exchange for: (a) medical students between TTUHHS School of Medicine and UEM medical students; as well as (b) between TTU and UEM for graduate students in the Postgraduate Eating Disorder and Obesity Program at UEM. She hopes to establish long term research collaborations with disciplines in the human and social sciences at TTU. She is especially interested in the work that is being done in biofeedback in the Department of Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences under the direction of Dr. Jacalyn McComb.