Students and research staff collecting or analyzing water samples from Brazos and Colorado River reservoirs and streams in west Texas.

samples River
Credit: R. Patiño Credit: M. VanLandeghem


Rain-out shelters used to evaluate changes in precipitation amounts at the Australian Climate Science Research site in Sydney.

soil microbial dynamics  
Credit:  J. Zak  


Evaluating low elevation grassland restoration efforts and associated microbial dynamics at Big Bend National Park using debris dams to capture overland flow from heavy storm events.


Measuring the impacts of daily temperature range (DTR soil) on creosotebush ecophysiology and soil microbial and nutrient dynamics in a Creosotebush bajada in Big Bend National Park.

low elevation grassland   creosotebush
Credit:  J Zak   Credit J Zak


Understanding climate change impacts on urban conservation areas using the Trinity River Audubon center as a model system in Dallas,  TX.


Watering crew for one of the summer precipitation manipulation events in the sotol grassland in Big Bend National Park.  The study was conducted over a 7 yr period.

Trinity river audobon   Watering Crew
Credit:  J. Zak   Credit –J Zak