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List of Courses

The list below represents a pool of relevant courses offered by our affiliate faculty. Additional courses relevant both to the minor and to the student's interests can be approved by the director on a case-by-case basis.

Course List

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Clinical Services Management

AHCM 4313 Community Health Issues


ANTH 2302 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 3300 Special Topics in Anthropology*
ANTH 3304 Global Forces and Local Peoples
ANTH 3343 Maya Archaeology
ANTH 3344 South American Archaeology
ANTH 3348 Introduction to Historical Archaeology
ANTH 3375 Topics in Latin American Archaeology*


ARCH 1311 Design, Environment, and Society
ARCH 4000 Research in Architecture and Urban Studies


ART 4315 The Arts of Pre-Columbian America
ART 4381 Public and Social Service Design

Community, Family, and Addiction Services

CFAS 2301 Introduction to Community, Family, and Addiction Services
CFAS 2360 Diversity in Community, Family, and Addiction Services

Communication Studies

COMS 3318 Persuasion and Social Movements
COMS 3353 Small Group Communication
COMS 3355 Communication in Organizations


ECO 3311 Intermediate Macroeconomic
ECO 3324 Taxation and Public Expenditure


ENGL 2371 Language in Multicultural America
ENGL 3362 Rhetorical Criticism
ENGL 3369 Information Design
ENGL 3390 Literatures of the Southwest
ENGL 4371 Language and Community


GEOG 2300 Introduction to Human Geography
GEOG 3337 Economic Geography
GEOG 3340 Research Methods in Human Geography
GEOG 3350 Social and Cultural Geography
GEOG 3351 Geography of Urban Places
GEOG 3353 Man, Resources, and Environment
GEOG 3356 Contemporary Texas and the American Southwest
GEOG 3360 Technology and the Human Landscape

Human Development and Family Studies

HDFS 3301 Theories of Human Development and the Family
HDFS 3322 The Family in the Community
HDFS 3350 Development in Cross-cultural Perspectives


HLTH 2360 Community Health
HLTH 2275 Practicum Community Health
HLTH 3301 Epidemiology


HONS 3301 Borders, Boundaries and Militarization


HIST 3311 Social and Cultural History of the Southwest
HIST 3316 History of Mexican Americans in Texas
HIST 3355 Europe in Transformation 1815-1914
HIST 4305 Rise of Modern America 1877-1919
HIST 4307 The United States, 1945-Present
HIST 4308 United States Urban and Immigration History
HIST 4350 European Urban History 1300 to 1800
HIST 4370 Great Cities
HIST 4375 Social and Cultural History of Europe
HIST 4382 Borderlands History and Culture

Landscape Architecture

LARC 4401 Urban Design

Nutritional Sciences

NS 4330 Community Nutrition

Political Science

POLS 3346 Public Policy Analysis


SOC 3327 Sociology of Law and Policing
SOC 3332 Sociology of Bureaucracy
SOC 3337 Inequality in America
SOC 4362 Cities and City Life
SOC 5312 Seminar in Urban Problems

Social Work

SW 3311 Human Behavior and the Social Environment: Systems
SW 3331 Social Work with Diverse Populations
SW 4311 Social Policy and Social Welfare Legislation

Plant and Soil Sciences

PSS 2330 Urban Soils

*Course may apply to minor depending on topic.

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