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Associate Dean David Roach

Leading Academic Affairs

David Roach, TTU

David Roach, EdD, is the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. In this role, he works closely with curriculum, program, assessment, accreditation, Coordinating Board, and core curriculum matters in the college.  He also works with Arts & Sciences scholarships, course enrollments, course fees, catalog copy, emergency planning, and interdisciplinary programs.

As a faculty member, Roach is a professor of Communication. He served for many years as a basic course director for oral communication courses and still teaches honors sections of Public Speaking and Business & Professional Communication.  He also teaches a graduate Quantitative Research Methods course.  Other undergraduate courses he has taught include:  Communication in the Classroom, Communication in Instruction and Training, Interpersonal Communication, Nonverbal Communication, Organizational Communication, and Persuasion.  Graduate courses taught include Communication Instruction in Higher Education, Communication Theory, Communication in Educational Organizations, and Nonverbal Communication.

Roach's research interests focus in Instructional Communication. Additionally his interests and research publications include communication apprehension, influence communication, nonverbal communication, argumentativeness, organizational communication, and leadership.  He is an active member of the National Communication Association and serves on the editorial boards of several research journals.

Outside of work, he enjoys singing, directing, and arranging church music.

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  • Communication

Research Focus:

  • Instructional Communication


  • Member, Texas Tech University Teaching Academy
  • TTU President's Excellence in Teaching Award, 2005

DAvid roach, TTU

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs

Selected Publications:

  • Training and development: Enhancing communication and leadership skills, 2nd ed.,coauthor (Boston: Allyn & Bacon) 2013
  • Teachers' influence messages, coauthor in Instructional communication:  Rhetorical and relational perspectives (Boston: Pearson Education) 2006   
  • A cross-cultural comparison of instructor communication in American and French classrooms, coauthor in Communication Quarterly 2005