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Internal Competitve Funding Awards

Thanks to a second internal competitive funding opportunity, 52 Texas Tech faculty members received a total of $599,994 to advance scholarship in the Creative Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHSS). Winners were announced Sept. 17.

Thirty-four of those faculty members hail from the College of Arts & Sciences and are listed below. Together, they received $341,880, or 57 percent of the total funds.


Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures (CMLL)

John Beusterien John Beusterien, Associate Professor of Spanish
Level 2 Award for Reading Cervantes in the Twenty-First Century


George Cole George Cole, Associate Professor of Spanish
Level 1 Award for Creating New Worlds: Young Costa Rican Science Fiction


Erin Collopy Erin Collopy, Associate Chair; Associate Professor of Russian
Level 2 Award for Folkloric Vampire of Russia


Carole Edwards Carole Edwards, Associate Professor of French
Level 2 Award for Mimi Barthelemy's Haitian Theater as Resilience and Nation Building


Elola Idoia Idoia Elola, Associate Professor of Spanish & Linguistics
Level 3 Award for Book Proposal: Writing in Spanish in Diverse Contexts


David Larmour David Larmour, Chair, and Corby Kelly, Visiting Assistant Professor
Level 2 Award for Mapping Identity in Imperial Rome


Anthony Qualin, Assoiciate Professor of Russian
Level 2 Award for Vladimir Vysotsky as a Soviet Pop Culture Phenomenon


Victoria Surliuga, Associate Professor of Italian
Level 2 Award for Beyond Fellini: The Life and Art of Giulietta Masina


Christopher Witmore, Associate Professor of Classical Archaeology
Level 3 Award for The Binchester Archaeological Project


Department of Communication Studies

Amu Heuman Amy Heuman, Associate Professor of Communication Studies
Level 3 Award for Mobilizing for Social Change in the South Texas Colonias

Katie Langford Katie Langford, Chair
Level 2 Award for Communicating Protest: The Fight for Civil Rights in American Social Movements


Department of English

Batra Kanika Batra, Assistant Professor of English
Level 3 Award for Presenting “Genders and Sexualities in Print” Research at Conferences and Finalizing a Second Book Manuscript


Curtis Bauer Curtis Bauer, Assistant Professor of English
Level 2 Award for Translating the Poetry of Carlos Pardo and Jorge Gimeno: Completing Two Poetry Manuscripts


Kelli Cargile Cook, Associate Professor of English
Level 2 Award for Advancing Technical Communication and its Instruction in the Republic of Korea


Marta Kvande, Assistant Professor of English
Level 3 Award for Negotiating Print and Manuscript Culture in the Eighteenth-Century Novel


Min-Joo Kim Min-Joo Kim, Associate Professor of Linguistics
Level 1 Award for Adjective Ordering and Noun Phrase Internal Structure


Brian McFadden Brian McFadden, Associate Professor of English
Level 1 Award for Monsters, Vikings, and Monks: The Cultural Context of the Monster Texts of the Beowulf Manuscript


Jill Patterson Jill Patterson, Professor of English
Level 2 Award for Teaching White Jurors to See the Environmental "Setting" for Capital Murder "Stories"


John Poch John Poch, Professor of Creative Writing
Level 2 Award for Memorial: A Book of Short Stories


Rich ricde Rich Rice, Associate Professor of English
Level 3 Award for Developing the "Smart" Media Connect-Exchange Study Abroad Model


Yuan Shu, Associate Professor of English
Level 3 Award for Co-editing Two Essay Volumes that Would Transform the Field of American Studies


Department of History

Paul Bjerk Paul Bjerk, Assistant Professor
Level 2 Award for Julius Nyerere


Calkins Laura Calkins, Assistant Professor of International and Comparative History
Level 2 Award for
Bioethical Challenges in Humanitarian Aid: The United Nations in China, 1944-49


Stefano D'Amico Stefano D'Amico, Associate Professor
Level 2 Award for Fall and Redemption: Female Poverty and Shelters for "Imperiled Women" in Counter-Reformation Milan


Barbara Hahn Barbara Hahn, Associate Professor
Level 2 Award for The Cotton Bull and the New York Bears: A Study in Prices & Information


Justin Hart, Associate Professor
Level 3 Award for "Total War Means Total Effort: The Forgotten Debate Over Universal Military Training, 1945-1951"


Hill Karlos Hill, Assistant Professor
Level 3 Award for One Nation Under Lynch Law: Confronting the Crisis of Lynching in African American Life and Memory


Ron Milam Ron Milam, Associate Professor
Level 2 Award for Cambodia and Kent State: Killing in the Jungles and on the College Campuses


Department of Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work (SASW)

Christiana Bradatan Christina Bradatan, Assistant professor of Sociology
Level 2 Award for Place Attachment, Environmental Changes and Migration


Arthur Durband Arthur Durband, Associate Chair; Associate Professor of Physical Anthropolgy
Level 3 Award for Computerized Tomography (CT) scanning of the Willandra Lakes Fossil Human


Michael Jordan Michael Jordan, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Level 1 Award for Indigenous Cultural Heritage in the Digital Afe: James Mooney's Field Notes on the Kiowa and Southern Cheyenne


Jeff Williams Jeffrey Williams, Professor of Anthropology
Level 2 Award for Documenting the French variety of Terre de Bas, Ties des Saintes, Guadeloupe, French West

Arts &Sciences CAHSS Award Winners 2011


  • Christopher Bains,
    Researching Manuscript “Literary Outliers: Narratives of Difference and Outrage in Nineteenth-Century France”
  • Christopher Witmore,
    A Chorography of the Eastern Morea, Greece
  • Idoia Elola,
    Completing and Editing Monograph Manuscript on Integration of Second Language Writing and Social Technologies into Second Language Teaching
  • Carmen Pereira-Muro,
    Second edition of college textbook entitled Culturas de España: Una perspectiva histórica y temática (Cultures from Spain: A Historical and Thematic Approach)


  • Juliann C. Scholl & Bolanle A. Olaniran,
    Proposal to Write a Seminal Book on Crisis Communication Centers


  • Amanda K. Booher,
    Theorizing Relationships of Genders, Technologies, and Olympic Bodies
  • Michael Borshuk,
    Ugly Beauty: Jazz Performance and Visual Culture
  • Sean Grass,
    Our Mutual Friend: A Publishing History
  • Jill Patterson,
    Making the Case for Life: Storytelling Strategies for Capital Defense
  • Timothy Crowley,
    Integrating Previously Undiscovered Legal Documents; Moving a Book Manuscript Toward Publication
  • Jacqueline Kolosov-Wenthe,
    Re-envisioning motherhood and art
  • Michele Navakas,
    Applying for a Faculty Award Incentive Opportunity Founding Florida: Language and Geography at the Edge of America
  • John Poch,
    Following Dante: Poems
  • Jennifer Snead,
    Learning Letterpress: A Proposal to Further Research and Teaching in Material Texts
  • William Wenthe,
    Poetry: A Book of Poems on James McNeill Whistler
  • Kanika Batra,
    Creating Counterpublics: Genders and Sexualities in Print
  • Curtis Bauer,
    Translating New Spanish Voices: Finishing an Anthology of 20 Contemporary Spanish Poets
  • Bruce Clarke,
    The Texas Tech University Symposium on Life, Earth, and Systems
  • Lara Crowley,
    Developing a Digital Scholarly Edition of John Donne’s Prose


  • Cynthia Sorrensen,
    Ex-urban Growth, Social Vulnerability and the Environmental Justice of Fire Hazard in the American West


  • Francesca Di-Poppa,
    Shaftesbury: The Transformation of Modern Reason


  • John Gerlach &
    Toby Rider,
    Scarcity, Credible Commitments, and War: How Geography and Institutions Lead to Conflict and Cooperation over Water


  • Cristina Bradatan,
    Risk Society: A Study of Immigration Trends and Outcomes During Times of Economic Crisis
  • Brett Houk,
    Chan Chich Archaeological Project Digital Data Collection System