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Paul Whitfield Horn Professors

TTU Horn Professor Linda Allen Linda Allen, Mathematics & Statistics .

TTU Horn Professor Robert Baker Robert Baker, Biological Sciences

TTU Horn Professor Emeritus Richard Bartch Richard Bartsch, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Emeritus

TTU Horn Professor Sankar Chatterjee Sankar Chatterjee, Geosciences

TTU Horn Professor Bruce Clarke Bruce Clarke, English

TTU Horn Professor Stefan Estreicher Stefan Estreicher, Physics

TTU Horn Professor Hafid Gafaiti Hafid Gafaiti, Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures

Clyde Hendrick, Psychology

Susan Hendrick, Psychology

TTU Horn Professor Kenneth Ketner Kenneth Ketner, Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism

TTU Horn Professor David Knaff David Knaff, Chemistry & Biochemistry

TTU Horn Professor Allan Kuethe Allan Kuethe, History

TTU Horn Professor Davind Larmour David Larmour, Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures

TTU Horn Professor Clyde Martin Clyde Martin, Mathematics & Statistics

TTU Horn Professor David Nes W. David Nes, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Horn Professor Janet Perez Janet PĂ©rez, Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures

TTU Horn Professor Frits Ruymgaart Frits Ruymgaart, Mathematics & Statistics

TTU Horn Professor Henry Shine Henry Shine, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Paul Whitfield Horn

Who Was Paul Whitfield Horn?

Short answer: The first president of Texas Technological College, now Texas Tech University. The Horn Professorship is the university's highest faculty honor.

Long answer: Head straight to The Handbook of Texas, the multidisciplinary encyclopedia sponsored by the Texas State Historical Association.