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photo collage of TTU faculty convocation winners from Arts & Sciences


Hats Off to Arts & Sciences' A-List 2014

This fall, students can look forward to starting classes with virtuoso professors, many of whom were hailed for their work during TTU’s spring 2014 Faculty Honors Convocation. Others were honored for their work at the 2014 Professing Excellence Awards (see story at right), granted by University Student Housing.

During the Faculty Convocation in April 2014 awards, the following A&S faculty members below were applauded.

Paul Whitfield Horn Professors

Texas Tech University's highest award is the Paul Whitfield Horn Professorship. Meet the College of Arts & Sciences' Paul Whitfield Horn Professors.


Paul Whitfield Horn Professor Inductee

Bill Hase, TTU Professor WILLIAM HASE, Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry


Chancellor’s Council Distinguished Research Award

Jaclyn Canas-Carrell, TTU Professor, TIEHH JACLYN CANAS-CARRELL, Associate Professor, TIEHH


Chancellor’s Council Distinguished Teaching Award

Melanie Hart, Vice Provost, TTU, photo by Toni Salama MELANIE HART, Vice Provost and Professor, HESS


President’s Academic Achievement Awards

Roger Barnard, TTU Professor, Mathematics ROGER BARNARD, Professor, Mathematics & Statistics


President’s Excellence in Teaching Awards

Christopher Monico, TTU Professor, Mathematics CHRISTOPHER MONICO, Associate Professor, Mathematics & Statistics

Abigail Swingen, TTU Professor, History ABIGAIL SWINGEN, Assistant Professor, History


President’s Book Awards

Howard curzer, TTU Professor, Philosophy HOWARD CURZER, Professor, Philosophy

Stefano D'Amico, TTU Professor STEFANO D'AMICO, Associate Professor, History


Texas Tech Parents Association Faculty Distinguished Leadership Award

photo placeholder DANIEL NATHAN, Associate Professor, Philosophy


Gloria Lyerla Memorial Library Research Travel Grants

Emily Skidmore, TTU Professor, History EMILY SKIDMORE, Assistant Professor, History


Texas Tech Alumni Association New Faculty Awards

Leif Ellingson, TTU Professor, Mathematics LEIF ELLINGSON, Assistant Professor, Mathematics & Statistics


Outstanding Researcher Awards

Stefano D'Amico, TTU Professor STEFANO D'AMICO, Associate Professor, History

photo placeholder ROBERT MORGAN, Professor, Psychology

University Student Housing Grants 2014 Professing Excellence Awards

Since 2002, Texas Tech University Student Housing has invited all students who live on campus to nominate the instructors who they feel have demonstrated outstanding abilities in course instruction and particular dedication to student success.

The following A&S faculty members were awarded during the March 2014 Professing Excellence ceremonies.

Howard Curzer, TTU Professor, Philosophy

HOWARD CURZER, Professor, Department of Philosophy

Robert Forbis, TTU Professor, Political Science

ROBERT FORBIS, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science

photo placeholder

MICHAEL FUERTES, Instructor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Greg Gellene, TTU Professor, Chemistry

GREG GELLENE, Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Bernadette Hinojosa, TTU Instructor, HESS

BERNADETTE HINOJOSA, Instructor of Aquatics, Department of Health, Exercise & Sport Sciences

photo placeholder

CHEN YU LIU, Graduate Part-Time Instructor of Applied Linguistics & Chinese, Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures

Mark McKenzie, TTU Professor, Political Science

MARK MCKENZIE, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science