Course Advising

All General Studies students will have a hold from their assigned advisor every semester for course advising. You will not be able to register until you have contacted your advisor and discussed your plans for the upcoming semester(s).

Course advising holds become active after the last drop day for the current semester, which is usually after courses for the upcoming term have been posted but before pre-registration begins.

Course listings will be accessible via the Section Search Tool once they are posted for upcoming terms. Thinking about your plans for the upcoming terms before meeting with your advisor will streamline your advising session, so please have a general idea of your plans for the upcoming term(s) before contacting your advisor. You should use your official degree audit as a reference to begin building your course schedule. If you have not yet received an official degree audit, you may use an unofficial advising sheet you may have received from your advisor.

Lubbock Campus Students

Only a face-to-face meeting with your advisor will be sufficient to remove an advising hold. If you leave campus for summer or winter break without meeting with your advisor you must wait until you are back on campus to meet with your advisor and have your hold removed. Plan ahead to avoid delays in advising and registration.

Hill Country or Waco Campus Students

Satellite campus students should contact their assigned advisor to arrange an advising session. It is preferred that you meet with your advisor face-to-face; however, you may receive advising via phone or email if it is determined that a face-to-face meeting is not possible.

Online-only Students

Online-only students may call or email their assigned advisor to receive course advising. Online students do not need to travel to Lubbock to receive course advising.