Prospective Students


We recommend that all General Studies applicants use the appropriate Admissions Checklist when applying to ensure that all needed documents are submitted. Applications must be complete before they will be processed.

Please visit to complete an application. Priority deadlines are listed in the current TTU Catalog under the Undergraduate Admissions section.

Once you have received notification of admission, please proceed to the Admitted Students page.

Former Texas Tech Students

Please visit our Former Tech Students page to begin your application for readmission. You must be readmitted into the program that you left; however, once you are readmitted you may transfer into the General Studies program.

Acceptance into the General Studies program requires a minimum of a 2.0 TTU GPA. If your TTU GPA is below 2.0 at the time of readmission you will not be permitted to enter the General Studies program until your GPA has reached the minimum requirement. This may require remaining in your previous program while improving your GPA.