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College og Arts & Sciences Host Committee gives $1,000 scholarship to TTU Geosciences student

Houston Alumni Grant $1,000 Scholarship to A&S Student

The 2015 Houston Alumni Reception, held at the Houston Racquet Club on April 23, brought members of the host committee together for a worthy cause: Bestowing a $1,000 scholarship on TTU Geosciences student Katrina Soundy. Pictured from left to right are host committee members with the scholarship recipient: Carter Waid, Jim Saye, Margaret Waid, Kristie White, Katrina Soundy, Mike Portnoy, Matt Williams. Host committee members not pictured are: Joe Barlow, Jim & Cecilia Edwards, Bob Rothengass.


Undergraduate & Graduate

With over 8,000 students, the College of Arts & Sciences is the largest college at Texas Tech. The college was only able to offer support to about 30% of our students this past year, the need for increasing scholarship support has never been greater as the cost continues to increase at all universities.

Funds for

Dean & Departments

Each year the College of Arts & Sciences has many expenses that are not covered by state funding. Special needs for faculty and students such as attending academic conferences or purchasing additional equipment can be covered by unrestricted money given to our Funds for Excellence. You can make a donation for the Dean’s use or to a specific department in the college.


Endowed Chairs, Professorships & Fellowships

Behind every endowed scholarship, chair or professorship is a unique individual or family with a desire to make a difference and a vision to reach into the future.



Special Projects

The College of Arts and Sciences compasses 16 areas of academic study. Each year the college has many opportunities to do interesting research that could potentially have major benefits for the community and our society. (ex: alternative energy sources, biomedical and environmental) These types of special research projects are expensive at any university. The college needs additional funding to help us in this area.


Give Now


There are many ways to make a gift to Texas Tech. Can we count on your financial investment in the students and faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences?  Please contact the College Development Office with inquiries.

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