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Message From the Dean

December 2017

Dr. W. Brent Lindquist

The home page slideshow is used by an organization to "brag on" its top news items. The College's slideshow currently has six exciting items that perfectly illustrate our "We Build Innovators" attitude: 

the upcoming College gala in Dallas featuring President George W. Bush as the featured speaker; 

the release of the U. S. Climate Science Special Report, of which Prof. Katherine Hayhoe was one of the lead authors;

the appointment of A&S alumnus A. Wess Mitchell (BA History, Political Science) as Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs;

the appointment of A&S alumnus Don Wright (BA Zoology and Animal Biology) as Acting Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Service;

a profile of senior Biochemistry major Amanda Miller and her experience as a 2017 Harvard Amgen Scholar; and

the award of $5.1M in grants and awards to faculty in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

As the university continues to move toward national recognition as a research intensive university, the College continues its efforts to lead in that movement. The depth of our alumni successes, the growth in the research, scholarship and entrepreneurship of our undergraduate and graduate students, the scholarship, research and leadership successes of our faculty, and the continued development of outside funding resources all play critical roles in that drive. I would put our College slideshow up against that of any other university in the country.

This past year I have traveled to meet alumni in San Francisco, Boston, Washington and New York City. From the reception I have received, it is clear that Arts & Sciences needs to cultivate alumni who leave the state of Texas. Many of them retain strong Red Raider attachments and appreciate our outreach to maintain contact. In D.C., in addition to alumni, it was great to meet some of the students in the Washington D.C. Congressional Internship program who attended our reception. My thanks to Barry Brown and the Alpine Group for hosting us in their wonderful headquarters. In NYC, we invited alumni to join us at the Tech-Seton Hall game at Madison Sq. Garden, followed by an after-game reception at Stout NYC, in conjunction with the New York chapter of the alumni association. My thanks to Rachel Verbout, their chapter president, for joining us in this effort.

Arts & Sciences faculty continue to have notable successes. We share these on the College's monthly "Faculty News" (along with "Student News", Department News" and "Alumni News") and "Research" web pages as we learn of them. In addition, our media team puts select news items on the air six days of the week on KTTZ-FM (see schedule below).

Morning Edition: Faculty research - Mon 7:30 AM
Morning Edition: Politics Faculty research (political/social) - Tues 7:30 AM
Inside TTU/Morning Edition: Faculty/Student news/research - Wed 7:35 AM
Stardate: Faculty research (Astron/Sci) - Wed/Fri 8:45 AM
Inside TTU/All Things Considered: Faculty/Student news/research - Wed 5:44 PM
Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me Quiz Format: Faculty achievement - Sat 10 AM

KTTZ has been a wonderful partner in our outreach efforts on behalf of the College's faculty and students.

My thanks for all your efforts on behalf of the College this semester. Have a happy and safe holiday.


W. Brent Lindquist

Dean, College of Arts & Sciences


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