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Listen now as PhD student John Calhoun uses mathematics to fight zombies

Listen now as sociologist Jerry Koch gives his research findings on women who get multiple tattoos

Listen now as historian Jorge Iber discusses baseball great Mike Torrez

Listen now as professor Angela Lumpkin explains how NCAA rules may hurt the academic careers of student-athletes

Listen now as Archaeologist Brett Houk describe the study abroad experience at a Maya excavation in Belize

Listen now to astrophysicist Tom Maccarone describe the pulsar he discovered

Listen now as sport science researcher Matt Stock tells how older women can get stronger through exercise

Listen Now as Texas Tech military historian Ron Milam talks about his Vietnam research that helps the military make better strategic decisions today

Listen now as Dr. Ruth Serra-Moreno introduces her research on H.I.V. and AIDS.

Listen now as biologist Chuck Cannon talks about rainforest conservation

Listen now as grad student Vanessa Leos talks about overcoming self-doubt and landing a congressional internship

Listen now as atmospheric scientists Chris Weiss and Johannes Dahl talk about tornado research

Listen now as chemist Dimitri Pappas talks about a time-saving new test for sepsis

Listen now as professor Jacalyn McComb talks about her research with the so-called exercise hormone irisin

Listen Now as Texas Tech Atmospheric Scientist Brian Ancell Talks about Better Weather Forecasting

Listen Now as Texas Tech astrophysicists Benjamin Owen and Alessandra Corsi  talk about their role in confirming Einstein's theory on gravitational waves

Listen now as toxicologist Seshadri Ramkumar tells how low-grade cotton cleans up environmental oil spills

Listen now as professor Masataka Umeda talks about his current research on how exercise may relieve fibromyalgia pain

Listen now as political scientist Robert Forbis talks about the politics of fracking

Listen now as grad student Ashalee Hurst researches the psychology, and the hormones, behind jealousy

Listen now as geologist Dustin Sweet researches ancient glaciers to find a connection to current climate conditions

Listen now as economist Misak Avetisyan researches the costs of preventing another 9/11

Listen now as professor Brian Still talks about new technology that may detect sports concussion injuries right on the field