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B.G.S. Policies & Procedures

Minimum Requirements

  • A 2.0 GPA is required for admission into this program. In addition, a 2.0 GPA at Texas Tech University is required for graduation. Completion of the B.G.S. is possible through on-campus or a combination of on-campus and Web-based courses.
  • Degree plans must be reviewed by the Student Division of the College of Arts & Sciences to be considered official. This ensures conformity with graduation and B.G.S. requirements.
  • Degree plans must be submitted to the Student Division of the College of Arts & Sciences one semester after a student has achieved 45 hours of total coursework. Intentions to graduate must be submitted at the same time.
  • Nine hours in each area must be taken in residence at Texas Tech. Six of those hours must be taken at the junior/senior level. Some minors (areas of concentration) may require more than 9 hours.
  • No block credit from another university will be permitted.
  • Six hours of writing intensive classwork is required and cannot be transferred in. The writing intensive classes must be in the areas of concentration.
  • CLEP cannot be used to meet residency requirements.

Course Substitutions

The Student Division determines course substitutions and is responsible for approving transfers during the last 30 hours of a degree program, as well as concurrent enrollment.

Foreign Language Requirement

Students who have not completed two years of a foreign language in high school must complete two semesters of a single foreign language. Courses such as SPAN 1507, which is only 5 hours, will not fulfill this requirement.

Concentration Requirements

Each of the three areas of concentration must include at least 18 hours of coursework. If all three concentrations are within the College of Arts & Sciences, the student may apply 24 hours of coursework taken outside the College. If one of the areas is outside of Arts & Sciences, the student may apply 30 hours of coursework taken outside of Arts & Sciences.

Upper-Level Courses

A total of 40 hours of junior/senior level coursework is required for the 120-hour degree.

Research Projects

The culmination of the BGS Program involves the integration of concentration areas in a written research project supervised by a student-selected faculty member from one of the concentration areas. This can be done by selecting individual research or individual studies courses for the final 6 hours of coursework in one or more of the concentrations.

Under the direction of a faculty member, such courses engage the student in readings, research, or an applied project related to the concentration areas. The faculty member may recommend, or the student may elect, that the project be evaluated by at least one faculty member from each of the other concentration areas.


The B.G.S. is administered and supervised by the Student Division of the College of Arts & Sciences. Contact Dr. Jorge Iber, Associate Dean, Student Division, College of Arts and Sciences,
806-834-5511, or academic advisor or Kristen Holcomb at 806-834-5882.

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