Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to Texas Tech University?

When are the deadlines for scholarships?

When do I have to turn in my FAFSA?

What is Red Raider Orientation (RRO)?

How can I find out more information about my major?

What is an academic advisor?

If I want to sign up to live in a certain dorm, where do I go?

I have lots of interests and am not sure what to major in.  What should I do?

My parents did not finish college and I want to know more about how to succeed at Texas Tech. Who should I talk to?

I want to go to Law School. Does Texas Tech have a program to help me get there?

I want to visit Texas Tech to see it for myself.  How do I schedule a visit?

Can I bring a car to TTU?  What about parking?

I am a transfer student, or I have dual credit from high school.  How do I know if TTU will accept my credit?

I have taken AP tests in high school.  What do I have to score to get credit at Texas Tech?

What are general requirements at Texas Tech?

I want to study abroad.  What are my options?

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