Why to Study Geosciences at Texas Tech?

The Department of Geosciences at Texas Tech University provides a wide range of research and educational experiences in the field of earth and atmospheric sciences. The Department has a strong commitment to research, education, and outreach in the sub disciplines of Earth Sciences. Our faculty are recognized experts in the fields of geochemistry, geophysics, structural geology and plate tectonics, vertebrate / invertebrate paleontology, atmospheric science, and the application of geographical information systems to solve geological and environmental problems. Graduates of the program can be found at work in the petroleum industry, state and federal agencies, environmental firms, and major colleges and universities. We instruct students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in the earth sciences and offer Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.  The department also offers four minors: Geography, Geology, Geophysics, and Atmospheric Sciences.

Geosciences Field Trips

The department encourages students to take the knowledge they have acquired inside the classroom and apply it to hands-on and real world experiences. The department offers field trips to:

• Cap Rock Canyon State Park

• Jemez Caldera-Bandelier National Park

• Manzano Mountains

• Rio Grande Rift

• Big Bend National Park


Why Study Geography at Texas Tech?

Geographical Knowledge

Students graduate with a thorough knowledge of the discipline, including the core areas of human geography, physical geography, geography of regions, and geographic techniques.  Students not only learn the established knowledge of these subjects, but also how research is done in these various fields.


Directly Marketable Skills

Our techniques courses prepare students for entry level employment in geography-related jobs.  Techniques that can lead to employment in cartography, geographic information systems, remote sensing and field methods, for example.  Students are also required to take a quantitative course to improve their marketable research skills.


Important Skills

Educated individuals are expected to have certain skills that are crucial to a successful life.  These include verbal and visual communication; critical and creative thinking; logical, scientific and other approaches to problem solving; ability to work individually and in groups; the ability to independently learn complex topics; and leadership.  The geography program offers courses which incorporate these skills into the curriculum.


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