Why Study History at Texas Tech?

The broad liberal arts foundation available through a major in history can deepen students' understanding of the complex world in which they live, stimulate intellectual attitudes conducive to effective participation in contemporary society, and cultivate those mental skills required for meaningful employment in many areas of the modern economic system. A history student may consider a career in teaching within colleges, universities, or public schools; in park administration; in regional and local historical society work; in archives and records management; in museum work; in various branches of government work; and in business and industry generally. Many students use their undergraduate history major as a preparation for advanced studies in such areas as law, medicine, and theology. The Department of History at Texas Tech is a vibrant community of scholars who seek to understand the past and teach courses that introduce students to the processes of historical thinking and analysis critical for the development of an informed citizenry. We offer strong undergraduate and graduate programs taught by a diverse faculty who are well-respected in their individual fields and in the historical community in general.

Diverse and Intriguing Courses

The department of History offers more than 100 different undergraduate and 70 graduate courses. These different courses explore the histories of Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the United States and include:

• The Vietnam War

• The Crusades

• History of the Italian Mafia

• The Nazi Era

• U.S. Political Imagery and Culture



Art Concentration

The department offers an art history specialization in conjunction with the Department of Art. It consists of 33 hours: 21 hours of history and 12 hours of art history courses from the Department of Art.

History of Religions Emphasis

The department offers a history major with a history of religions emphasis. This program consists of 36 hours: 27 hours of history and 9 hours chosen from courses taught outside the department having an emphasis on the study of religion.

Military History Concentration

The department offers an 18-hour concentration in military history as part of the military studies minor. The concentration consists of classes in military history survey, diplomatic history survey, war, and U.S. war survey.

Explore History from Abroad

The Department of History participates in or coordinates study abroad programs to Spain, Germany, and Vietnam. Courses offered during these programs include: History of Spain, History of the Southern Frontier, Studies Abroad in Southeast Asia, and Readings and Research in History.

Acquire Specific Knowledge for Future Career Goals

In the teacher education certification programs, history may be used at the secondary level as either a teaching field or as part of the composite field of social studies. These teaching field options are 36-hour programs.

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