Why Study Philosophy at Texas Tech?

A major in philosophy allows students to gain the ability to think for themselves in a critical and objective manner. This degree also:

• Develops the ability to think critically

• Increases understanding of normative issues

• Provides a unique interdisciplinary perspective on the place of human beings in the universe

• Gives opportunities for critically examining methods of inquiry

• Yields a grasp of the development of human ideas in a cross-cultural perspective

• Increases one’s ability to understand and communicate with others effectively

The study of philosophy provides students a deeper understanding of the ideas that have shaped human cultures, at the same time honing students’ analytic skills and helping them to think more creatively, write more carefully, and interpret difficult texts with greater care. It delves into every aspect of life and examines the foundations and applications of every discipline. Just as philosophy opens the student to different ways of apprehending the world, it also enhances the student’s self-understanding and self-esteem. Additionally, the study of philosophy provides an excellent academic foundation for those interested in pursuing advanced degrees. Research shows that philosophy students consistently perform at a high level on admissions tests for graduate programs (GRE), law school programs (LSAT), and business administration programs (GMAT).

Concentration in Ethics

Philosophy majors may choose to pursue a concentration in Ethics by completing, in addition to the five courses required for the major, any five of the following courses:

• Ancient Philosophy

• Introduction to Political Philosophy

• Philosophy of Law

• Biomedical Ethics

• Business Ethics

• Environmental Ethics

• Advanced Ethics

• Advanced Political Philosophy

Transferable Skills

Philosophy students develop many transferable skills that can be utilized in a variety of careers and jobs, demonstrating the flexibility and capacity for growth that employers find valuable. These skills include analytical, organizational, research, and oral and written communication skills.


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