Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

Why Study Sociology at Texas Tech?

The Sociology program at Texas Tech University enables students to gain unique and valuable insights into the dynamic interrelations of culture, community, institutional structures, personal relations, and individual identities in our complex and rapidly changing social world. Students who choose sociology as their major will acquire a strong and relevant liberal arts background.

Criminology Concentration

Are you interested in studying violent crime? Family violence? Gangs? Juvenile Delinquency? School shootings? Mass and serial murder? Substance abuse? Female offending? White-collar and corporate crime? Drug-Trafficking?

If so, consider concentrating your sociology major in criminology. Criminology is the scientific study of making and breaking of laws. Criminology that addresses the area of the making of laws studies what are often called theories of criminalization. Generally, this area addresses whether legal codes or laws benefit society entirely or only some segments of society -- those who have the power to decide what is right and wrong. Criminology that addresses the area of the breaking of laws studies why social and legal norms are violated.


Why Study Anthropology at Texas Tech?

The Anthropology program places great emphasis on multicultural and diversity issues, Southwestern archaeology, forensic anthropology, and international health issues. The Anthropology program reflects the broad scope of the discipline, including the four areas of sociocultural and physical anthropology.

Forensic Anthropology Concentration

Are you interested in violent crime? International mass murder and grave excavation? Working with law enforcement as an anthropological consultant? If so, consider concentrating in forensic anthropology -- the scientific study of human remains in the context of death investigation.  Work covered in this concentration includes skeletal biology, forensic archaeology, development of a biological profile (age, sex, stature, and ethnic identity), DNA and bone, postmortem, perimortem and antemortem trauma, and the courtroom and ethnical responsibilities of the forensic anthropologist.  Anthropology majors who wish to specialize in the study of forensic anthropology and receive on their transcripts the notation of “forensic anthropology concentration” are required to complete Forensic Anthropology, Human Osteology, Human Skeletal Biology and Forensic Techniques, and two of the following courses: Forensic Sciences, Forensic Archaeology, Archeological Methods and Techniques, Archaeology of Death, Geographic Information Systems, or Remote Sensing of the Environment.

Summer Field School in Archaeology

Each summer, the Anthropology program offers an archaeological field school, worth 6 hours of credit. The location of the field school rotates each year.  The 2012 official field school will be held in central Texas.  Students also have opportunities to apply for a space in Texas Tech’s Field School in Maya Archaeology (FSMA) Study Abroad program.  The 2011 FSMA field school was held in La Milpa, Belize, and the 2012 school will be held in Chan Chich, Belize.  The FSMA field school is open to students who have completed one year of course work and have at least a 2.5 GPA, regardless of major. Click here to find out more about the Summer Field School.

Forensics Minor

Students interested in scientific and methodological issues associated with crime investigation and criminal behavior should consider pursuing a minor in Forensic Sciences (FORS). Click here to learn more about this exciting program.


Why Study Social Work at Texas Tech?

Social work is a vital profession, and at Texas Tech you’ll have the opportunities, experiences and encouragement to create the foundation for a successful career. The program is designed to integrate a liberal arts foundation with the core principles, knowledge and skills of a generalist social work perspective. The program helps students become professional social workers, critical thinkers, and civic participants. Graduates of the program are eligible to sit for the Baccalaureate Level Social Work Licensure Exam in Texas and in many other states.


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