Texas Tech University


Can the Dean's Office remove holds put on my record by the departmental academic advisor?
No, you must see your advisor in your major department.

Whom do I see regarding Dual Degrees and Second Undergraduate Degrees?
You need to contact , Michael Gellner , Academic Program Advisor in Room 102 Holden Hall.

Is it possible to get a copy of my transcript in the Dean's Office?
You must get transcripts form the Transcript Office in 137 West Hall.

Where is the TTUC (for undecided students) Office?
It is located in room 79 of Holden Hall. The phone number is 742-2189.

Where is the TASP Office?
The TASP office is in room 72 of Holden Hall.

Where is the ASUD office located?
The ASUD Office (for undecided students) is located in room 79 of Holden Hall.

Where is the Graduate School?
Graduate School is located in the basement of room 02 Holden Hall.

Where do I go to do grade replacement?
Grade replacements are done in room 103 of West Hall.

How do I find out if a course will transfer to Tech, and how it will be accepted?
You must go to the Transfer Evaluation Office in room 126 of West Hall.

Where do I go to add/drop?
Drops can be done in room 103 of West Hall.
Add/drops must start with you advisor. Registration starts with your advisor.

Where do I go for Pass/Fail?
Pass/Fail is done in this office, room 102 Holden Hall.

What can be declared Pass/Fail?
Free electives only, no general degree requirements, nor a major or minor requirement.

Where is the Honors College located?
The Honors College is in room 103 McClellan Hall. There phone number is 742-1828

Where is the Pre-professional Health Careers office?
The Health Careers office is located in room 340 of the Chemistry Building. Their phone number is 742-3078.