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How do I cancel a class in Banner?

Open "How do I cancel a class in Banner?" in a full window

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If you are not offering a course/section for the semester but you have already built the section in Banner – you can "cancel" the section so that the students will not register for it or see it online but it will ROLL over to the next year so that you don’t have to rebuild the section again. All you have to do is just reopen it!

  1. Remove any instructors assigned to the section in Banner by going to the Record drop down menu and select Remove and then Save.
    Record Dropdown - Remove
  2. Do the same if a meeting assignment has been placed - Record drop down menu, Remove, and Save
  3. On the main SSASECT screen – change the status to "x" for Cancelled.
    Change the status to "X" for Cancelled
  4. Save and you are finished!