How Do I Access Daily/Weekly Room Grids

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Old Ad Astra Six:

Previously there were calendar option views in the top tool bar. This would allow you to see what was scheduled in a certain room or possibly find out if a room was available to be scheduled.

New Ad Astra VII

Navigate to the Calendars tab


Once there, the toolbar shown will be the main navigational tool to view the calendar in many different ways. Each view is available for a snap shot of the days, weeks, or months events depending on the tab you have chosen.

Grid View

NOTE: Hover over the piece of paper icon next to the room number to see room details without having to leave the calendar.

Calendar View
List View

Use the Calandar icon to change the range of dates you are looking for or search for a specific item.


Filters can also be added to narrow down the calendar even further. Please refer to the How to create a Calendar Filter FAQ for more instructions on how to use this feature.