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How Do I Access Daily/Weekly Room Grids

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Old Ad Astra Six:

Previously there were calendar option views in the top tool bar. This would allow you to see what was scheduled in a certain room or possibly find out if a room was available to be scheduled.


New Ad Astra VII:

  1. Navigate to the Calendars tab


  2. Once there, the toolbar shown will be the main navigational tool to view the calendar in many different ways. Each view is available for a snap shot of the days, weeks, or months events depending on the tab you have chosen.


    • Grid View


      NOTE: Hover over the piece of paper icon next to the room number to see room details without having to leave the calendar.

    • Calendar View

    • List View

  3. Use the Calandar icon to change the range of dates you are looking for or search for a specific item.


  4. Filters can also be added to narrow down the calendar even further. Please refer to the How to create a Calendar Filter FAQ for more instructions on how to use this feature.