How to Run an Enrollment Report in Cognos

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  1. Log into Cognos found at the following link:  https://cognos.texastech.edu
  2. Choose My Home
    Select "My Home"
  3. From here please choose the TTU folder located within the Student Folder:
    Select TTU Folder
  4. From here please choose the Course/Section Scheduling Folder:
    Course/Section Scheduling folder
  5. The report is titled R092 Available Seats by Term and Course Level:
    R092 Available Seats by Term and Course Level
  6. The first required filed is to select a term from one of the pre-populated choices:
    Academic Period is required
  7. After the term is selected you can drill down by College:
    College field is optional
  8. You can choose from departments within the selected College and even specific SUBJECTS if desired:
    Department and Subject are optional
  9. The report will exam the % of seats available compared to the Maximum Enrollment set in Banner.
    Percent Available Seats
    This field is required and any percentage can be used. ASFR uses 30% when running these reports for distribution.
  10. Finally the Course Level can be selected for review:
    Course Level is optional
  11. To run these reports please use the FINISH icon.