How to Export to Excel from the Summary Class List

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Use the instructions for Complete Class Roster from Raiderlink for Instructors in order get to a Summary Class List of one of your classes. This is an example of what is should look like.

Example of Summary Class List

Select or highlight the fields and students that you would like to move to Excel.

Highlight fields to export

Then do a right click of your mouse to copy or select edit then copy from the menu bar at the top of your browser.

Open Excel to a new worksheet in order to copy the data

This step is very important in order to get it to paste correctly.

If you are using any version of Excel, you can click in the cell for A1 and then do a right mouse click and you will select the item Paste Special, not Paste.

Select Paste Special

It will then bring up a box that asks you to select an option for pasting, select Text and click OK

Select "Text" as type

This is what the results should look like.

Excel spreadsheet results

You are then able to edit as needed.