Review your own UTILIZATION numbers

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They can be found on the Report Portal of the Operations division: http://is.operations.ttu.edu/planadmin/odpareportportal/default.aspx

  1. Go to Report Selection
    Report Selection
  2. Expand the Restricted Reports
    Click the plus sign to expand the restricted reports
    If you do not have access to these reports simply supply your rRaider and we will get you access. 
  3. Expand the Space Usage Efficiency Room Reports
    Click the plus sign to expace the Space Usage Efficiency Room Reports
    1. The report is titled Section Percent Fill ( it is the last report listed)
      1. This report examines the percent fill using actual enrollment versus the maximum capacity of the scheduled space
      2. These numbers are updated weekly and not nightly.
    2. To execute the report select the report and hit the magnifying glass icon.
      Note you can select the term for the report
    3. One the report is generated you can view it online or export it for future use.
      You can export to Excel by using the drop down menu

This report is of all the course sections that are currently scheduled for the upcoming fall term and shows their current percent fill (Space Utilization Efficiency Metrics or SUE).  The goal is for every Classroom or room with a coding of 110 to reach the 65% fill marker. Appropriate scheduling of academic courses will not only assist the students with their end goal of graduation but it also has the potential to increase University funding.