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Information for Biology seminar speakers

Last updated: July 2015

Speakers should plan to arrive on Tuesday, speak on Wednesday, and depart on Thursday. ALL travel arrangements will be handled on your behalf by TTUAB and the Department. Do NOT make travel arrangements yourself!!! You should contact Ms. Emma Roberts emma.k.roberts@ttu.edu to arrange the travel. Due to recent changes in travel policy, you will need to provide some personal information to book and purchase your travel when contacted.

Your travel costs will be paid for by TTUAB, and your lodging will be billed directly to Biology. Travel costs should be kept under $500; airfare over that will require special permission. The cost of all meals will be reimbursed, but alcohol cannot be reimbursed. Please click here for more info. An honorarium is not provided.

Our seminars are attended by a diverse mix of undergraduates, grad students, and faculty from fields ranging from ecology to molecular biology. Please pitch your talk to the level of a general but educated audience.

Seminar lasts from 4:00-4:50 p.m., so please plan on speaking for 40-45 minutes and allowing the remaining time for questions.

Our seminar room (rm. 101) has a built-in PC computer with projector, so there is no need to bring your own laptop unless (1) you are using Macintosh programs that do not translate to PC (often the case with video files), (2) you need to use software that is not part of the Microsoft Office suite, Adobe acrobat, or (3) you have your talk on something other than a jump drive.

The seminar room has a microphone and an overhead projector. A laser pointer will be provided upon request.

For further questions, please contact your host/hostess.

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