Biomedical Micro/Nano Device Lab at Texas Tech University focuses on developing transnational biomedical platforms for lab automation, point-of-care diagnostics and biomimetic tissue engineering by using microfuidic and biosensing technqiues. By using microvalve and pumps system, an universal fluid processor enables the automation of the basic fluidic operations such as metering, mixing, washing, and reacting to achieve totally automated assays. For the biomarker detection, we have been developed the carbon nanotube (CNT) biosensor for pathogen detection, automated microfluidic immunoassay platform by combinding the complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS)-based biosensor for rapid and portable diagnostics. We also conducted several tissue engineering and biomechanics research projects such as measuring mechanical properties of trabecular bone, developing finite element models of bone biomechanics, as well as determining osteogenic response of osteoblast cell within 3-D scaffolds.


[Year 13]

Autonomous Mars Organic Analyzer paper is published in Analytical Chemistry (IF: 5.86).

CNT-based DNA sensor paper is published in Sensors and Actuator:B (IF: 3.54).

Collaborative works with UC Santa Cruz were presented  in CLEO 2013Title: Hybrid Optofluidic Device for Fluidic Particle Manipulation and Detection.

Dr. Kim received "Best Professor Award" from Pi Tau Sigma.

[Year 14]

Microfluidic application for drug development and screening paper is published in Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews (IF: 12.89).

A portable electrochemical sensing for screening cardiac biomarkers paper is published in Sensors and Actuators: B (IF: 3.54).

One oral and two posters will be presented in MicroTAS 2014. Congrats to BMND members!

Joohyung will present his work in BMES 2014 at San Antonio. Congrats to Joohyung and Collaborators!

Ryan Howse (undergraduate researcher) will give a presentation in BMES14 at San Antonio.

Dr. Jang joined in BMND lab as a postdoc scholar. Welcome!

Ryan Howse received a undergraduate travel fund from CALUE ( Center for Active Learning and Undergraduate Engagement) in TTU. Congrats to Ryan!

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