Biomedical Micro/Nano Device Lab

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Group Members


Jungkyu (Jay) Kim, Ph.D
Assistant Professor Department of Mechancial Engineering, College of Engineering
Adjuct Professor Department of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine



Himali Somaweera, Ph.D
Postdoctral Researcher
Research Area: Isotachophoresis, Microfluidic integration

Jasmine Devadhasan, Ph.D
Postdoctral Researcher
Research Area: Exosome detection, Point-of-care diagnostics

Devasier Bennet, Ph.D
Postdoctral Researcher
Research Area: Peptide synthesis, Eye-on-a-chip



Joohyung Lee, MS, Ph.D student
Research Area: Organ chip

Md Enayet Ullah Khan Razu, Ph.D Student
Research Area: Electrostatic actuator, Digital Microfluidics

Rakib Jahid, Ph.D Student
Research Area: Microfluidic processors

Ali Khodayaribavil, Ph.D Student
Research Area: Microfluidic molecular separation

Shaun Foreman, Transdisciplinary Ph.D Student
Research Area: Microfluidics under High-G

Zachary Estlack, Ph.D Student
Research Area: Biofluid Mechanics, Tear film

Quoc Nguyen, MS Student
Research Area: Flexible biosensors



Vladmir Coltisor
Undergraduate Researcher
Research Area:Droplet pump

Trinh (Haley) Lam
Undergraduate Researcher
Research Area:Paper microfluidics


Ryan Hallman(Wireless Controller)/ Mourad Musallam(Paper microfluidics)/ Ryan Howse(Paper Microfluidics) Andrew Fillingim/ Cheick Rouamba (Automation)/ Cesar Martinez (Impedance sensor)