Biomedical Micro/Nano Device Lab

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Feb 2016

Ali joined in BMND lab as as a doctoral student. Welcome!

November 2015

Dr. Devadhasan and Dr.Bennet joined in BMND lab as a postdoc scholar. Welcome!

September 2015

Shaun, Zack, Quoc joined in BMND lab as a mater student. Welcome!

August 2015

Taehoon and Vlad joined in BMND lab as an reserch scientist and undergraudate researcher! Rakib joined in BMND lab as a doctoral student. Welcome on board!

June 2015

Julie (Clark Scholar) joined in BMND lab during summer. Welcome!

March 2015

Haley joined in BMND lab as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome!

Feb 2015

Our collaborative work with UC Berkeley entitled "Microfluidic 3D hydrogel array for SNP detection" has been published in Analytical Chemistry.

Dr. Sunho Jang joined in BMND lab as a postdoc scholar. Welcome!

Jan 2015

Our article entitled " Biomimetic cardiac microsystems for pathophysiological studies and drug screens" has been accepted in a special issue of Journal of Laboratory Automation. Congratulations to Joohyung and Razu.

Sept 2014

Dr. Leewoon Jang joined in BMND lab as a postdoc scholar. Welcome!

Ryan Howse received a undergraduate travel fund from CALUE (Center for Active Learning and Undergraduate Engagement) at TTU. Congrats to Ryan!

July 2014

One oral and two posters will be presented in MicroTAS 2014. Congrats to BMND members!

Joohyung will present his work in BMES 2014 at San Antonio. Congrats to Joohyung and Collaborators!

Ryan Howse (undergraduate researcher) will give a presentation in BMES14 at San Antonio.

Jan 2014

Microfluidic application for drug development and screening paper is published in Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews (IF: 12.89). 

A portable electrochemical sensing for screening cardiac biomarkers paper is published in Sensors and Actuators: B (IF: 3.54).