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Applied Biosystems BioCad Sprint Information

This column chromatography system (formerly made by PerSeptive Biosystems) is capable of performing separations on POROS ion exchange columns in as little as 5 minutes at a semi-preparative level.

The instrument can monitor two wavelengths (either UV or visible) simultaneously and has in-line conductivity and pH monitors which permit the precise monitoring of salt and pH gradients during the chromatographic run. There are adapters to allow use of the FPLC columns mentioned in the section above.

Training on the instrument and fees to cover the cost of consumables and column use will be determined during discussion of the separation/purification project.

Biorad Protean IEF 2D-gel Information

The newest addition to the core facility is the BioRad 2-dimensional gel electrophoresis system. 2D-gel electrophoresis is a powerful technique for separating and isolating a complex mixture of proteins. The first dimension separates the proteins on the basis of their isoelectric point. These proteins are separated further in the second dimension on the basis of their size (standard SDS-PAGE). Individual spots (proteins) from the stained gel can be selected and subjected to in-gel proteolysis and peptide extraction. The extracted peptides can be analyzed by mass spectrometry for identification.

Three size formats are available, depending on the complexity of the protein sample. The first dimension (isoelectric focusing) is run on the Protean system, with a selection of pH ranges and IPG strip lengths available. The second dimension (SDS-PAGE) may be run using the Protean IIxi cell (for 17cm gels), the Criterion cell (for 11cm gels) or the Tetra cell (for 7cm gels). Please consult with the Center staff regarding the use of this system for your research goals.