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A spectrophotometer measures the amount of light that a sample absorbs. The instrument operates by passing a beam of light through a sample and measuring the intensity of light reaching a detector.


  • Nanodrop ND1000
    • Wave length 220-750nm
    • Measures 1uL samples with high accuracy and reproducibility
    • Uses surface tension to hold samples in place-no cuvettes to hold samples in
    • Able to measure highly concentrated samples without dilutions
  • Beckman DU 530 single cell module
    • Wavelength range 190-1100nm
    • Silica or quartz cuvettes for UV range or glass or plastic cuvettes for visible region
  • Benchmark Plus Microplate Reader
    • Spectral range 340-800nm
    • Any 6 through 384-well microplates with dimensions 138mm x 98mm x 15 mm (LxWxH) are compatible with the instrument

The Core Facility offers a spectrophotometer for public use. For extensive use, the fee is $1.00 per hour. Please contact the Core Facility to arrange instrument use at 742-2393.

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