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Fee Schedule


Custom oligonucleotides through IDT (Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc)
25 nmol scale synthesis (basic) $0.25/base
  • Many other synthesis scales are available as well as various modifications for a higher price.
  • Desalted custom synthesized DNA oligos come lyophilized with a yield guarantee.
The common primers listed below are in stock and available immediately. (cleaved, deprotected, quantified and lyophilized) $15.00/10 ug
5'     3'
M13 17-mer Universal Primer (-20) GTA AAA CGA CGG CCA GT
M13 16-mer Reverse Sequencing Prime AAC AGC TAT GAC CAT G
Lambda gt11 Sequencing primer (forward) GGT GGC GAC GAC TCC TGG AGC CCG
Lambda gt11 Sequencing primer (reverse) TTG ACA CCA GAC CAA CTG GTA ATG
T7 Promoter primer TAA TAC GAC TCA CTA TAG GG
T3 Promoter Sequencing primer ATT AAC CCT CAC TAA AGG GA
Sp6 Promoter Sequencing primer CGA TTT AGG TGA CAC TAT AG


ABI 3130 4-capillary $7.50 per reaction
25 nmol scale synthesis (basic) $0.25/base
  • Includes sequencing reaction and capillary electrophoretic sequencing run.
  • User supplies template DNA (typically at 100ng/ul water) and any custom primer (typically at 1pmol/ul water)
  • Approximately 2 pmol primer is required per sequencing reaction.
  • Direct PCR fragment sequencing requires 10ng per 100bp of template fragment.
  • Plasmid sequencing requires at least 300ng template DNA per reaction.
  • Phage sequencing requires >500ng template DNA per reaction, so it is usually submitted at a higher concentration.


Electrospray Mass Spectrometry $30.00-$40.00 per run (consult center personnel)
  • User should see staff for information on sample requirements
MALDI-TOF/TOF Mass Spectrometry $30.00 per run
  • User should see staff for information on sample requirements
Tryptic Digest $10.00 per protein
Zip-tip desalting/purification $5.00


Low pressure chromatography. Medium pressure, rapid chromatography See staff for pricing information
2D-gel Electrophoresis
7 cm format $30.00
11 cm format $35.00
17 cm format $40.00
In-gel tryptic digest $10.00


Real-Time PCR $6.00 per run
  • Plates are available to purchase for $6.00 per plate and covers are available for $1.00 per cover.
Other thermocyclers See staff for availability


ELISA Plate Reader See staff for requirements and pricing

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