Organization Committee

General Committee

Alan Sill Texas Tech University, USA (Co-Chair)
Ashiq Anjum University of Derby, UK (Co-Chair)
Lu Liu University of Derby, UK
Rajkumar Buyya University of Melbourne, Australia
Omer Rana Cardiff University, UK
Changjun Jiang President of Donghua University, China
Josef Spillner Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland

Local Organizing Committee

Tim Cockerill Texas Advanced Computing Center, USA (Chair)
Jerry Perez Texas Tech University, USA
Ravi Vadapalli Texas Tech University, USA
Zhangxi Lin Texas Tech University, USA

Program Committee Chairs

Geoffrey Fox Indiana University, USA
Yong Chen Texas Tech University, USA

Program Committee

Important Dates

* ( Separate calls for submissions will be issued by each workshop or tutorial accepted )


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Hosting Organizations

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