Workshop Schedule: CloudAM/HDCC 2017
(Tue. Dec. 5, Classroom 203)

Breakfast served 7:30 am

Session 110:00 AM - 12:00 noonChair: TBD
9:00-9:30 amWelcoming Remarks and Workshop GoalsWorkshop Chairs
9:30-10:00 amTowards Reproducible Research in a Biomedical Collaboration Platform following the FAIR Guiding Principles.Christoph Jansen, Maximilian Beier (Charité Berlin, CBMI – HTW Berlin); Michael Witt (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology); Sonja Frey, Dagmar Krefting (CBMI – HTW Berlin).

Morning Break

Session 210:30 am - 12:00 noonChair: TBD
10:30-11:00 amA Distributed Stream Processing based Architecture for IoT Smart Grids Monitoring.Otavio Carvalho , Eduardo Roloff, Philippe Navaux (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul).
11:00-11:30 amOpen Orchestration Cloud Radio Access Network (OOCRAN) Testbed.Marti Floriach-Pigem, Guillem Xercavins-Torregrosa (Barcelona Tech-UPC); Vuk Marojevic (Virginia Tech); Antoni Gelonch-Bosch (Barcelona Tech-UPC).
11:30 am-12 noonAn Ontological Framework for Determining the Repercussions of Retirement Actions Targeted at Complex Access Control Policies in Cloud Environments.Simeon Veloudis, Iraklis Paraskakis, Christos Petsos (The University of Sheffield, International Faculty CITY College).

Lunch (Salon C for general attendees)

Graduate Student Symposium (Salon B)

Session 31:00 - 3:00 pmChair: TBD
1:00-1:30 pmRobust Deadline-Constrained Resource Provisioning and Workflow Scheduling Algorithm for Handling Performance Uncertainty in IaaS Clouds.Bilkisu L. Muhammad-Bello, Masayoshi Aritsugi (Kumamoto University).
1:30-2:00 pmTowards Quantifiable Boundaries for Elastic Horizontal Scaling of Microservices.Manuel López, Josef Spillner (Zurich University of Applied Sciences).
2:00-2:30 pmOptimized Deployment Plans for Platform as a Service Clouds.Benjamin Byholm, Ivan Porres (Åbo Akademi University).
2:30-3:00 pmMyiFogSim: A Simulator for Virtual Machine Migration in Fog Computing.Márcio Lopes (University of Campinas), Wilson Higashino, Miriam Capretz (Western University), Luiz Bittencourt (University of Campinas).

Afternoon Break

Session 43:30 - 5:30 pmChair: TBD
3:30-4:00 pmDetermining an Optimal Mix of Hybrid Cloud Computing for EnterprisesIn Lee (Western Illinois University)
4:00-4:30 pmMechanisms for Mutual Attested Microservice Communication.Kevin Walsh (College of the Holy Cross); John Manferdelli (Northeastern University).
4:30-5:00 pmCloud Robotics: SLAM and autonomous exploration on PaaS.Giovanni Toffetti, Tobias Lötscher, Saken Kenzhegulov, Josef Spillner, Thomas Michael Bohnert (Zurich University of Applied Sciences); Dhananjay Sathe, Vivek Bagade, Bharat Khatri, Alankrita Pathak (Rapyuta Robotics).
5:00-5:30 pmExploiting price and performance tradeoffs in heterogeneous clouds.Eduardo Roloff, Matthias Diener, Emmanuell Diaz Carreño, Francis Moreira, Luciano Paschoal Gaspary, Philippe Navaux (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul).
5:30-7:00 pm

Conference Welcome Reception


NSF Cloud and Autonomic Computing Center)