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Benefits of Membership

CAC members are afforded access to leading-edge developments in autonomic computing and to knowledge accumulated by academic researchers and other industry partners. New members will join a growing list of members that currently includes Covenant Health System, Happy State Bank, Soliel LLC, StackVelocity and the US Defense Information Systems Agency, as well as technical partnerships with The Aerospace Corporation, The Cloud Standards Customer Council, and The Object Management Group. Other members that have recently benefitted from projects carried out by the CAC at other sites include Intel, Microsoft, Raytheon, Xerox, RubioPharma, Samsung, Cognizant, FifthGen, the US Army Corps of Engineers’ Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) and Avirtec.

Benefits of membership include:

Projects and Partnerships

Research partnerships and projects through the CAC@TTU provide:


The High Performance Computing Center (HPCC) at Texas Tech University (TTU) supports the CAC@TTU as follows:

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Now that you have seen some of the benefits that can accrue to your organization through affiliation with the CAC, take the next steps toward membership spelled out in our pages on how to join.