Texas Tech University

Winter Service Break

New Orleans, Louisiana

Date of SB: December 14-21, 2017
Total Trip Fee: $650 (includes $50 application fee)
Trip Issue: Housing & Homelessness, Neighborhood Revitalization, Environmental Sustainability, Education, Arts & Culture
CALUE SB Application Form

CALUE Service Breaks is headed back to NOLA and we could not be more excited! In 2015 CALUE SB worked with Project Homecoming building houses...this year we are focusing on not 1 but 5 different issues. Experience New Orleans like never before as CALUE Service Breaks travels to a city that is full of history and culture. We are excited to be invited back so that TTU students can LEARN & SERVE! Look below to see the various issues we will be focused on...

Environmental Sustainability: Support New Orleans and the region on the front-line of it's goal and challenge
for environmental sustainability. Projects include:
• Working in an urban garden or farm
• Wetlands restoration and plantings
• Conservation and disaster management projects
Education: Help the New Orleans education system continue to evolve and progress. Projects include:
• School and playground beautification
• Classroom and library organization
• Mural painting
Housing and Homelessness: Volunteers help New Orleans combat blight and homelessness. Projects include:
• Home rebuilding and construction
• Vacant lot clearing
• Assisting local homeless shelters
Neighborhood Revitalization: Partner with local New Orleans communities to support continued revitalization
and improve neighborhoods. Projects include:
• Park beautification and planting
• Storm drain clearing
• Neighborhood canvassing and surveying
Arts and Culture: Ensure New Orleans' unique arts and culture continue to thrive in the city and around the
world. Projects include:
• Mardi Gras bead recycling
• Restoring a local cemetery
• Working at a local art or music festival


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Jacy Proctor-Unit Coordinator

NOLA 2015 SB Participants

Ready to Join Us on a Trip?

All students wanting to participate in a CALUE Service Break must fill out the application form. Once accepted into the CALUE SB you will be emailed information about dates for an Informational Meeting and receive a link to pay the $50 application fee.

Service Break Participant Meetings:

Participants, site leaders, and trip advisors selected to participate in the Service Break are asked to attend pre-trip meetings, fundraisers, local service projects, and other CALUE SB activities.

Meeting dates coming soon!

*Meetings are subject to change depending on participant schedules. Participants who sign up after a meeting date can meet with CALUE staff to receive pertinent information.