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On this page, you will find the most frequently asked questions we receive. If the answer you are looking for is not here, please email one of the CUR staff members, and we will respond as soon as possible. Be sure to check back soon, as we will be answering additional questions as needed.

What if my research is incomplete?

It is not necessary to have final results or conclusions at the time of presentation. Research projects may still be "in progress" at the time of abstract submission to the conference.

Can I submit more than one abstract?

Multiple abstract submissions will not be accepted for consideration. Each undergraduate student may submit only one abstract for consideration in the TTU Conference on Undergraduate Research.

Can I have a co-presenter?

No. Students who work on the same research project or in the same research group can each present different aspects of the research project at the conference. Each student must write an abstract and obtain the faculty member's approval and complete the online registration form by the deadline. Oral presenters will likely be placed in the same oral session based on similarity of subject matter and common faculty sponsor. Poster presenters will each create a poster presenting their work on the research project.

What is an oral presentation?

An oral presentation is a 12 minute talk followed by 3 minutes of questions and answers. You will be speaking in front of a seated audience.

What is a poster presentation?

A poster presentation is a visual presentation of your work where you will interact with conference participants one-on-one in a large group setting.

Am I required to attend the entire conference? Can I attend only one day?

All student presenters are expected to be physically present during the entire conference and participate in both days.

What if I cannot attend one of the mandatory information sessions?

If you know beforehand that you will be unable to attend one of the mandatory sessions, please make arrangements to ensure that you receive any information you missed in a timely manner.

What are the expectations for attendees?

Students will be expected to stand with their posters throughout the day.  This creates a excellent opportunity to discuss your research with others.

Are there any recommended accommodations?

Information for the 2012 URC coming soon

May family and friends attend?

Family and friends are welcome to attend the event. However, guests will be expected to circulate among all of the presenters/posters on display.