Texas Tech University

Fall 2017 Service Learning Courses

Service learning courses are designated with an "S" in the course section in Raiderlink.

Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

ACOM 3300 S01 13699 Communicating Agriculture to the Public
ANSC 4305 S01 28083 Therapeutic Riding
ANSC 4408 S01 38643 Animal Shelter Management

Arts and Sciences

BIOL 4301 S13 26136 Topics in Biology: Teaching the Nature of Science
ENGL 3365 S03 13704/S05 32534 Professional Report Writing
ENTX 6352 S31 31868 Analytical Toxicology Laboratory
GEOG 2300 HS1 24618 Introduction to Human Geography: Honors First Year Experience: SL Section
GEOG 4320 S01 32889 Special Topics in Geography: Open Mapping for Resilience
HLTH 3313 S01 10202 Health for Preadolescents
SPAN 3315 S01 34498/S02 35010/S03 37551 Oral Expression in Context for Bilingual Students
SW 3332 S01 12842 Generalist Practice I 
SW 3333 S01 12854 Generalist Practice II


MGT 4397 S01 19890 Management and the Business Environment


EDCI 2301 S01 33067/S02 38906 the Education Effect: Why American K-12 Education Really Matters
EDLL 2300 S01 37329/S02 37330/S03 37332/S04 37334 Literacy Learning in the Preschool Setting

Human Sciences

HDFS 3331 S01 25691 Parenting
HDFS 4314 S01 16683/S02 16685 Community Practicum: In Human Development
HUSC 3325 S01 34387/S02 34479 Comprehensive Wellness of Adolescents
HUSC 4308 S01 34480 Developing and Evaluating Youth Programs
PFI 3321 S01 35148/S01 34240 Personal Finance: Financial Counseling and Consumer Credit
RHIM 4332 S01 35342 Customer Relations for Hospitality Enterprises

Media and Communications

MCOM 3319 S01 37208 Persuasion and Social Movements
MCOM 5310 DS1 35571 Strategic Communication Planning and Writing
MCOM 5322 DS1 37581 Multimedia Story Telling
PR 4312 S01 37930/S02 37931/S03 37932 Public Relations Campaigns

Museum Science

HMGT 7000 S11 31482 Research: Heritage Education

Office of the Provost

IS 1200 S01 34427/S02 34428 Interdisciplinary Studies: RaiderReady: Service
TSI 0304 S01 28039/S02 28040 Developmental Literacy II

Visual and Performing Arts

DAN 3351 S01 33579 Dance in the Community
MUED 3312 S01 29680 Methods in Education and Music
THA 3351 S01 33567/S51 33568/S52 37383 Theatre in the Community
THA 5351 S01 33495/S51 33526/S52 37384 Mentoring Community Outreach in the Arts


Center for Active Learning and Undergraduate Engagement