Texas Tech University

Engaged Scholar: Stephanie Pleasant

As a Lubbock native, I have always known that I would one day be a Red Raider. I transferred from South Plains College in 2011, but was already actively involved in research due to the Plains Bridges to the Baccalaureate Program (PBB). PBB opened many doors for me at Texas Tech that I would have not otherwise been exposed to.

Such programs include: TTU/Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), Mentor Tech, American Chemical Society, and SACNAS. Never did I imagine that I would be exposed to such amazing organizations that would be dedicated to advance my academic career to the next level.

While being involved in organizations and structured programs such as these, I have been able to conduct research during the summer with programs such as the Opportunities in Genomics Research at Washington University and the Department of Energy Summer Undergraduate Laboratory internship at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Washington. These experiences have further confirmed my love for science and are the reason that I will be applying to graduate school to obtain my doctorate degree.

My experiences of conducting research since my freshman year have allowed me to travel across the country to present my research and presented me with a variety of mentors that I will continue to work with as I advance in my career. TTU is the foundation of my career and with all of the support I have received I know that I will only continue to advance "because from here...it's possible".

Stephanie Pleasant