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Jay Killough, Director of the Texas Tech University Career CenterJay Killough



Amy Bafford, Associate Director, Employer Relations at Texas Tech University Career CenterAmy Bafford
Associate Director, Employer Relations
Honors College Career Representative
Hospitality and Tourism Career Representative
Transportation, Distribution and Logistics Career Representative


Logan Winkelman, Associate Director at the Texas Tech University Career CenterLogan Winkelman
Associate Director
Assessments Coordinator
Health Science Career Representative
Human Services Career Representative


Assistant Directors

Tom Casey, Assistant Director at the Texas Tech University Career CenterTom Casey
Architecture and Construction Career Representative
Education and Training Career Representative



Gabriel Jimenez, Assistant Director at the Texas Tech University Career CenterGabriel Jimenez
Marketing and Technology Coordinator
Distance Learning Career Representative



Toni Krebbs, Employer Relations Toni Krebbs
Employer Relations
Parent and Family Relations Liaison
TTU Alumni Association Liaison


Nicole Noble, Assistant Director at the Texas Tech University Career CenterNicole Noble
Government and Public Administration Career Representative
Law, Public Safety Corrections, Security Career Representative


Ashley Penner, Assistant Director at the University Career CenterAshley Penner
Arts, A/V Technology and Communications Career Representative
Visual and Performing Arts Career Representative


Elise Wood
Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Career Representative
Manufacturing Career Representative



Donna Srader, Assistant Director at the Texas Tech University Career CenterDonna Srader
Business Management and Administration Career Representative
Finance Career Representative
Marketing Career Representative


Carol Trigg Assistant Director at the Texas Tech University Career CenterCarol Trigg
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Career Representative




Janelle Zamora, Administrative Business AssistantJanelle Zamora
Administrative Business Assistant
Recruiting Coordinator



Amanda Perez, Senior Business Assistant Credentials
Amanda Cantu-Perez
Senior Business Assistant- Credentials



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