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At Explore Horizons we are ambitious, dynamic, and dedicated to making a difference to children's' education. We help children from Kindergarten through to 8th grade with their math, reading and writing. In doing so, we not only improve their understanding of those subjects, but we also improve their confidence in school and their overall enjoyment of learning. Explore offers a dynamic and people centered working environment in which learning and development is the center of everything we do, and it's not just for the kids. Empowering our people is what we're all about and we use training, and high levels of responsibility in every job role to achieve that.

People want to work for us because:

  1. We train and develop them
  2. We believe that empowering people with responsibility is the best way to better ourselves
  3. We create careers by promoting internally
  4. We're new and growing
  5. We are passionate about what we do (you have to be when you work with kids)

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