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At the Reagor Dykes Auto Group we put community first. We know that the success we achieve should be used to better the communities we serve. We strive to create the best place to work and the best place to do business while keeping a philanthropic, civic minded approach at every level of our company. Our leadership team strives to work for the employee not the other way around; providing our employees with all the tools and knowledge to be successful from your first day at Reagor Dykes University to daily training inside our stores. Our team is made up of motivated and intelligent men and women that embrace healthy competition and strive every day to provide elite customer service.

Top 5 Reasons People Want to work at Reagor Dykes:

  1. Philanthropic Minded Organization
  2. Extremely competitive compensation
  3. Enthusiastic, Energetic Atmosphere that always pushes you to achieve new heights in your career.
  4. Leaders that lead by example, not purely through rhetoric.
  5. Family owned and operated. Texas Tech Alumni owned and operated.