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Because your resume is perhaps the most important part of your job search efforts, there are some points to be considered in making this tool as effective as possible. Be prepared to invest the time required to polish and update your resume. Other resume writing resources are available in the University Career Services Resource Library.

All information on your resume must be accurate and up to date. By sending or posting your resume, you are agreeing that all information disclosed is accurate and true.


Why have a resume?: Your resume is your greatest tool in acquiring an interview. Everyone needs a powerful resume to serve 2 main purposes:

  • To present a snapshot of you when not present
  • To help you get an interview.

Style The three styles of resumes are chronological, functional and a combination of the two. The chronological resume lists jobs and duties sequentially beginning with the current or most recent position. This style focuses on your growth in a specific profession. The functional resume emphasizes professional skills. The combination of the two styles incorporates the strengths of both the chronological and the functional. Your resume should be short, easy to read and use words that are familiar to the reader. The goal is to show off your achievements and minimize any weaknesses.

Length. You are encouraged to limit your resume to one page. Certainly, there are exceptions. A counselor will be happy to review your resume and help you in this process.

Identifying Information. There is no need to put the word "resume" or words "resume of" at the top of the page. This document has become recognizable and will speak for itself. Your name, address, phone number and e-mail address should be placed at the top of the page. If you have a school address and another address (parents, etc.), it is advisable to list those addresses where you might be reached. Be sure to update the address or phone number if changes occur.

Objective. Ideally, each resume will be specifically prepared for each employer. Because of this, use care in how you word your "career objective." If you are applying for positions in several different areas, the objective may be omitted from your resume. Education majors should replace "career objective" with "teaching field" because this is what they are certified for and it is not likely to change. To target a particular employer or career field, you may want to prepare individual resumes for the actual interview. Remember, cover letters can be used to serve the purpose of establishing why you are sending a resume and you will be the communicator of this information in the interview itself.

Education. Included in this section are undergraduate and graduate degrees earned. Most recent degrees are listed first (reverse chronological order). Include your major and minor if applicable. You may promote your marketability by putting other areas of academic emphasis; i.e., "15 hours computer science," "8 hours technical writing," etc. If space allows, you might even list some course titles. Grade point averages may be given in this section. Some students give their cumulative GPA or choose major GPA or junior/senior GPA, depending on which represents them most favorably.

Experience. This section may include part-time or full-time work. It may also include internships as well as volunteer experiences. Name, address of the organization, your title or position, and dates worked should be included. Describe your experiences in active, skill-related terms and emphasize accomplishments.


Extracurricular Activities. This section may be titled many different ways. What you want to emphasize is the name of the organization, leadership roles, accomplishments and dates. Involvement in activities can and should be presented in such a way to show that you can deal with others, motivate, problem-solve, and achieve goals.

Languages. State your foreign language skills and accurately indicate your fluency. Foreign studies and/or travel might be appropriately placed here.

Skills. A skills summary can be a strong section to add, particularly for a generalist or for someone with varied work experience.

Computer Languages/Literacy. State your language knowledge and application.

Interests. The addition of a section on personal hobbies can provide the interviewer with helpful information. However, you should rarely delete other, more useful information to allow space for this section.

Personal. Personal data such as age, sex, weight, and place of birth were, at one time, a standard listing on the resume. Since the passing of equal employment legislation, this material is usually omitted. Unless you believe this is truly beneficial to the job you are seeking, this information is now considered to have little impact on hiring decisions and is generally omitted.

Because relocation and willingness to travel are often a requirement for some career opportunities, University Career Services suggests that phrases such as "willing to travel," "willing to relocate" or "seek position in Southwest or Texas" be placed in the Personal Section or in another section of the resume. For international students, residency status and type of visa may be placed in the personal section or in its own section.

References. At some point during the hiring procedure you will be asked to furnish references. With few exceptions, your references will be contacted regarding your employability.

Though you may have written references in your file, we encourage you to list your references separately. Include each reference's name, title, address, phone number and e-mail address. Only list those persons who have given you permission to do so. For those students who will be certified to teach, student teaching evaluations will automatically be included in your file at University Career Services.


Cover Letter Tips

The letter of application, or cover letter, should accompany every resume you mail to prospective employers. A good letter introduces you to the employer, briefly states the purpose of communication, highlights pertinent information from your resume, and suggests a meeting or interview. It should not reiterate everything in the resume, but should complement and expand upon the resume and support a position as to why the applicant should be considered further. Remember that the main purpose of a cover letter is to get the reader interested enough in you to want to read your resume.

In the cover letter, remember to do the following

  • Type it neatly on 8 1/2" x 11" bond paper to match your resume. Keep it clean and free of errors.
  • Keep it brief (no more than four paragraphs). Cut to the chase - don't ramble.
  • Never send a form letter. Each letter should be individually composed.
  • Always address your letter to a specific person, and with his/her appropriate title.
  • Talk about what you can do for them, and then take the initiative when closing by asking for an interview.
  • Use your own style of writing.
  • Use correct sentence structure and grammar.
  • Always send an original and not a carbon copy; however, once a good letter has been developed, it may be used as a model many times with slight revisions.
  • Avoid "I-itis"-excessive use of "I," "my," and "me"; blend the letter and the resume.
  • Keep a copy of all correspondence sent for your own records. You'll be amazed how helpful this can be.
  • When you complete a rough draft of your letter, show it to a career counselor, professor, experienced professional, or a friend for some helpful feedback.



The interview is the single most important aspect in job hunting. Good grades, an excellent degree, lengthy experience, and a sharp-looking resume won't compensate for a poor impression made during an interview. You must be able to sell yourself effectively. More often than not, it is the small details such as appearance, handshake, etc., that spell the difference between being selected or rejected for a job. Be thorough in your preparation! Since each interview is unique, the more you interview the more confident and skillful you will become.


Conduct a Self-Assessment (Take an honest look at yourself focusing on such factors as:)

  • Personality - What kind of person are you? Strengths? Weaknesses?
  • Interests - What do you enjoy doing?
  • Abilities/Skills - What do you do well?
  • Values - Why do you want to work?
  • Goals - Where would you like to be in five years?
  • Experience - What have you accomplished?

Study the Organization

  • Review company literature.
  • Prepare important and relevant questions for the interview sessions.
  • Ask others about the organization.
  • Develop a clear understanding as to why you have selected them.
  • Try and discover problems the organization may have and reflect on how you might be able to help them.

Check Appearance

  • If possible visit the organization..
  • Notice how employees are dressed.
  • Pay attention to grooming, styles, etc.

The Initial Interview

Be Yourself. Your attitude is going to influence the interviewer's evaluation. Don't try to be someone you aren't...just be yourself. Emphasize your strong points and remember that the recruiter is looking for inherent personal energy and enthusiasm. The interview is your opportunity to sell a product and that product is you.

Dwell on the Positive. Try always to dwell on the positive. While past failures and shortcomings need not be volunteered, don't try to cover them up or sidestep them. Should the recruiter ask about them, try to explain the circumstances rather than give excuses or blame others. Remember, the recruiter is human, too...and probably has made a few mistakes. You'll create a better impression by being honest and candid.

Ask Questions. When Indicated. If appropriate, ask meaningful questions, particularly if you're not clear about the details of the job, the training program, or other job-related concerns, but don't ask questions just because you think that's what is expected.

Some Do's and Don'ts in Successful Interviewing:


  • Act natural
  • Be prompt, neat, and courteous
  • Bring copies of your resume
  • Carry out promises
  • Ask relevant questions
  • Allow employer to express himself/herself
  • Read company literature
  • Examine company ratings
  • Evaluate objectively
  • Follow procedures
  • Make yourself understood
  • Listen to the other person
  • Present informative credentials
  • Keep an interview file with all the stuff you need in it. Take notes if you feel like you need to remember important info from the interview
  • Follow up with personalized thank you letters


  • Criticize yourself
  • Be late for your interview
  • Freeze or become tense
  • Present an extremist appearance
  • Become impatient
  • Become emotional
  • Talk too much or too little
  • Oversell your case
  • Draw out interview
  • Make elaborate promises
  • Come unprepared
  • Try to be funny
  • Unduly emphasize starting salary
  • Linger over fringe benefits

Stages of an Interview



  • Introduction: light conversation about sports, weather, traffic, etc.
  • Interviewer Expectations: Good, firm handshake; eye contact; proper interview attire/grooming.



  • Education: grades, choice of school and major, special interests, and achievements.
  • Work: Types of jobs held, level of responsibility experienced, tasks enjoyed most and least, what was gained.
    • Which of your experiences has been most rewarding to you?
    • What type of work environment appeals to you?
    • What skills have you developed?
  • Activities and Interests: Role in campus organizations, fraternities, sororities, extracurricular activities, hobbies, sports, cultural interests.
    • Are you active in any organizations or clubs?
    • What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Interviewer Questions

  • What led you to choose your field of study?
  • What subjects did you like best? Why?
  • Do your grades accurately reflect your capabilities?

Interviewer Expectations:

  • Intelligence
  • Knowledge
  • Interests
  • Willingness to work
  • Maturity
  • Ability to handle responsibility
  • Leadership
  • Attitude
  • Enthusiasm



  • Immediate and long-term objectives, interest in the company, geographical preferences.

Interviewer Questions:

  • Immediate and long-term objectives, interest in the company, geographical preferences.
  • What are your long-range and short-range goals and objectives?
  • When and why did you establish these goals?
  • How are you preparing yourself to achieve them?
  • What do you see yourself doing five years from now?
  • How would you describe yourself?
  • What motivates you to put forth your greatest effort
  • What qualifications do you have that make you think that you will be successful?
  • In what ways do you think you can make a contribution to our company?

Interviewer Expectations:

  • Realistic knowledge of strengths and weaknesses
  • Knowledge of opportunities
  • Interest in the company
  • Serious interest in career



  • Company opportunities, training programs, corporate structure, benefits and educational opportunities, chances for promotion.

Interviewer Questions:

  • Why did you decide to seek a position with this company?
  • What do you know about our company?
  • What are your geographical preferences?
  • Will you relocate?
  • Willing to travel?

Interviewer Expectations:

  • Informed and relevant questions
  • Sincere interest in the company
  • Appropriate but not undue interest in salary and benefits



  • What you should do next (fill out applications, send transcripts, forward references), further steps the company will take, when you will be notified of interview results, cordial farewell.

Interviewer Expectations:

  • Candidate's attention to information as a sign of continued interest.

Questions to ask the INTERVIEWER:

Salary Negotiation

Salary negotiation takes tact, skill, and research. Don't forget that salary isn't the only factor in taking an offer. Benefits, cost-of-living, geographic location, work environment, and corporate culture also need to be considered. Make sure you look at the whole picture. While doing your research, you need to also figure out what you're worth before you start to negotiate.

In addition to negotiating the salary you want, there are many non-salary perks you can consider:

  • Increased vacation time
  • Comp time (time off for overtime worked)
  • Participation in the company's 401(k) plan
  • Immediate vesting in the company's savings plan
  • Stock or equity in the company
  • Paid life insurance
  • Continuing education or tuition reimbursement
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Child care benefits
  • Elder care benefits
  • An expense account
  • Parking reimbursement
  • Personal use of frequent flyer miles
  • Subscriptions to professional publications
  • Dues for professional organizations
  • A better office

Visit the NACE Salary Calculator for a salary range based on your occupation, targeted region, degree and work experience.

Job Choices Magazine

Special Needs Jobs and Internships

There are many work-based experiences or internship opportunities available for students with disabilities. Below is a list of various opportunities for college students with disabilities. You can find more information about these programs as well as many other programs for middle and high school students with disabilities at http://www.ncset.org/youthtowork/.

Disability-Specific Internships and Mentoring Programs

Disability Mentoring Day


Entry Point!/ACCESS

Microsoft – AAPD Federal I.T. Internship Program

Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation – AAPD Congressional Internship Program

The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars, Scholarship Program for College Students With Disabilities

Workforce Recruitment Program

Disability-Specific Job Websites



National Business and Disability Council


Information from:

Office of Disability Employment Policy
U.S. Department of Labor (DOL)
200 Constitution Avenue
Washington, DC  20210
Voice: (866) ODEP-DOL (633-7365)
Fax: (877) 889-5627

Tips for Applying to Graduate Schools


  • Research which schools offer the program that interests you; use the Peterson’s Graduate & Professional Programs series found in the UCS library or visit http://petersons.com/graduateschools.
  • You may want to also research the programs’ rankings and check on program accreditation.



  • Be aware of each school’s requirements and application deadlines (some schools will require you to apply with the University in general as well as with the specific college department).
  • Have a career counselor at University Career Center and/or the University Writing Center review essays/personal statements.
  • If an interview is required, do a mock interview with a career counselor at University Career
  • Center (call 742-2210 to set up an appointment). Also, visit the UCC website for sample Graduate/Professional School interview questions.
  • If you have any questions about the university, the individual program and/or application process, call the specific university department for the program of your choice.
  • Possibly visit the school and talk to faculty and current students in the program.


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Summer Camp Jobs

Camp Arrowhead (Hunt, TX)
A private girls camp that was established in 1934. It is located on 650 beautiful Texas Hill Country acres along the Guadalupe River.
Positions: Cabin counselors, WSI or lifeguard certified instructors, experienced horseback counselors, counselors with sports
experience (tennis, gymnastics, cheerleading). 
Representative: Kelli Young Bartell
Contact Person:  Rob Bartell - Box 819, Hunt, TX 78024
                             Phone: 830-238-3793, Fax: 830-238-3794 employees@camparrowhead.com

Camp Balcones Springs (Marble Falls, TX)
Seeking great counselors who are enthusiastic, fun-loving, gentle-spirited, energetic, committed Christians, who go beyond the call 
of duty.
Positions: Counselors for all activities.
Representatives: Brian Manhart and Kimberly McCarty
Contact Person:  Kim McCarty - 104 Balcones Springs Drive, Marble Falls TX 78654
                             Phone:  830-693-2267, Fax:  830-693-6478 lcromwell@campbalconessprings.com

Camp Champions (Marble Falls, TX)
Since 1967 we've helped kids grow into champions!  Co-ed sleepaway camp, ages 6-15 on Lake LBJ in Marble Falls; two, three 
and four week sessions. 
Positions: Summer counselors in all departments: waterfront, sports, horseback, fine arts and outdoor skills
Representatives: Steve Baskin and Tricia Golding
Contact Person:  Matt Wiggins - 775 Camp Rd.; Marble Falls, TX 78654
                             Phone:   830-598-2571, Fax: 830-598-1095 mwiggins@campchampions.com 

Camp Classen YMCA (Davis, OK)
Coed resident camp for youth 8-16 years old. 3 programs: Main camp a traditional camp for 8-12 year olds, 89er Village an 
adventure trip camp for teens 13-15 years old and Frontier Adventure an equestrian camp for youth 12-15 years old. Counselors
in training program and Wrangler in training program for 16-17 year olds. Located in southern Oklahoma's Arbuckle Mountains.
Positions: Wrangler, Counselor, Lifeguard, Trip Leader, Crafts Director, Nurse (RN), Clinic Specialist 2 (EMT, LVN), Waterfront 
Director, Photographer and more.
Representatives: Scott Carter, Rick Burris, Caleb Ronquest
Contact Person:  Lyn Cooper - Route 1, Box 47; Davis, OK 73030 
                             Phone:   580-369-2272, Fax:  580-369-2284 cooper@ymcaokc.org

Camp Honey Creek (Hunt, TX)
Traditional resident camp for girls aged 6-17 seeking outstanding role models who love children and the outdoors.
Positions: Cabin counselors, activity instructors, and nurses
Representatives: Sandra Schmitt, Nicia Oakes
Contact Person:  Sandra Schmitt - P.O. Box 140; Hunt, TX 78024
                             Phone:   830-238-4630, Fax:  830-238-4136 honeycrk@ktc.com

Camp John Marc (Dallas, TX)
CJM serves children from Texas hospitals who are living with a chronic illness or severe physical disability.
Positions: Activity leaders
Representative: Vance Gilmore
Contact Person:  Jennifer Abramson - 2824 Swiss Avenue; Dallas, TX 75204 
                             Phone:   214-360-0056, Fax:  214-368-2003 rdouglas@campjohnmarc.org

Camp Kiwanis - Lubbock State School (Lubbock, TX)
A camp for people with mental retardation.
Positions: Camp counselors and supervisors
Representative: Edwin Harris
Contact Person:  Edwin Harris - P.O. Box 5396; Lubbock, TX 79408

Camp Longhorn, Indian Springs (Burnet, TX)
A private boys and girls camp for ages 9-15 located in the Texas Hill Country. We have 4 terms; two 2 week terms and 2 three
week terms. We offer many, many different activities.
Positions: Camp counselors, infirmary personnel, nurses, horseback wranglers, annual book personnel, cooks, food service
personnel, office personnel
Representatives: Nan Manning, David Bennett and Ashley MacKenna
Contact Person:  Helen Frady - 1000 Indian Springs Road; Burnet, TX 78611
                             Phone:   512-756-4650, Fax:  512-756-2783 clindian@tstar.net

Camp Longhorn, Inks Lake (Burnet, TX)
Youth camp for boys and girls in grades 2-10. We have 2 two week terms and 2 three week terms.
Positions: Counselor, infirmary, office, annual and photography and food service.
Representatives: Ray Frady, Bill Robertson, Carol Robertson
Contact Person:  Carol Robertson - #1 Longhorn Road; Burnet, TX 78611
                             Phone:   512-793-2811, Fax:  512-793-6732 carol@camplonghorn.com

Camp Mystic (Hunt, TX)
Camp Mystic is a non-denominational Christian summer camp for girls located in Hunt, Texas. We are looking for awesome role
models who will help create a wholesome environment for our campers.
Positions: Cabin and activity counselors, nurses, secretary, babysitter, cooks, grounds workers.
Representative: Jeanne Stacy
Contact Person:  Jeanne Stacy - 2689 Hwy 39; Hunt, TX 78024
                             Phone:  830-268-4660, Fax:  830-238-4799 jstacy@ktc.com

Camp Waldemar (Hunt, TX)
Waldemar is a privately-owned all-girls summer camp located on the banks of the Guadalupe River northwest of Kerrville, 
Texas. A Christian-based camp, Waldemar provides an ideal atmosphere for campers and counselors alike to grow spiritually, 
mentally and physically.
Positions: Summer camp counselors to teach everything from land and water sports to horseback riding and arts and crafts.
Representatives: Kathleen Fisher and Liz Poul
Contact Person:  Kathleen Fisher - 1005 FM 1340; Hunt, TX 78024
                             Phone:  830-238-4821, Fax:  830-238-4051 campwaldemar@hotmail.com

Cross Trails Ministry (Kerrville and Harper, TX)
CTM provides quality Christian camping experiences for youth at two sites as well as various offsite programs. Camp Chrysalis
provides traditional experiences while Ebert Ranch Camp provides a smaller community with horses and high ropes.
Positions: Cabin leader, leadership staff, cook, nurse, lifeguard, wrangler, naturalist and arts and crafts.
Representatives: Jennifer Chia and Christina Nutter
Contact Person:   Jennifer Chia - 760 Upper Turtle Creek; Kerrville, TX 78028 
                              Phone:  830-257-6340, Fax:  830-257-3060 jennifer@crosstrails.org

Fort Lone Tree (Capitan, NM)
We are a Christian summer camp for children ages 8-12. The Fort is built like an 1800's stockade. While we have horses, rifles,
bows and arrows, we also have modern thrills like the zipline, rockwall, rappelling, waterslide, and more. Our focus is on sharing
Christ; we do this with Bible studies, skits, worship times, campfires, and just one-on-one time in the cabins. 
Positions: Summer camp counselor, camp kitchen, assistant wrangler and camp nurse
Representative: Ed Kaczmarek and Eric McNamara
Contact Person:  Camp Director - PO Box 547; Capitan, NM 88316
                             Phone:  505-354-4265, Fax:  505-354-4266 nmfort@lonetree.org

Girl Scouts of Caprock Council (Lubbock, TX)
Nonprofit Girl Scout camp for girls ages 6-17 years located 45 minutes east of Lubbock. We offer swimming, arts & crafts, 
archery, outdoor cooking, nature study and many new adventures.
Positions: Program director, waterfront director, craft director, health director, kitchen manager, kitchen assistant, unit leader,
counselors, lifeguards
Representative: Summer Littlejohn
Contact Person:   Summer Littlejohn - 2567 74th St; Lubbock, TX 79423
                              Phone:  806-745-2855 slittlejohn@girscoutscaprock.com

Girl Scout Camp Kiwanis (Amarillo, TX)
Girl Scout Camp, small, semi-rustic with stone and wooden cabins.
Positions: Lifeguards, counselors, kitchen aides, riding director (western), wranglers
Representatives: Natalie Stephenson and Nancy Huntington 
Contact Person:  Natalie Stephenson - 6011 W 45th; Amarillo, TX 79109
                             Phone:  806-356-0096, Fax:  806-356-0099 nstephenson@gs-fsc.org

Hermann Sons Youth Camp (Comfort, TX)
In the Texas Hill Country near Comfort, Hermann Sons Camps provide exciting summer experiences for boys and girls and the 
staff who serve them.
Positions: Half and full summer positions available. Counselors, clinic attendant, assistant director.
Representative: Budy Preuss
Contact Person:   Buddy Preuss - PO Box 629; Comfort, TX 78013
                              Phone:  830-995-3223, Fax:  830-995-2394 hsychilltop@hctc.net

Hidden Falls Ranch (Wayside, TX)
Christian youth camp - activity based, non-denominational, open registration, outdoor activities in Palo Duro Canyon.
Positions: Counselors, cooks, horse wranglers, lifeguards, Bible teachers, rappelling instructor, arts and crafts leaders
Representatives: Byron Williamson and David Garner
Contact Person:  Byron Williamson - PO Box 136; Wayside, TX 79094
                             Fax:  806-764-3466, Fax:  806-764-3454 hfr@midplains.coop

John Knox Ranch (Fischer, TX)
Beautiful Hill Country wooded ranch on 300 acres. Zip-line into the Blue Hole, Canoe Carper's Creek, tube the Blanco River.
Campfires, arts and crafts, hiking, ropes adventures, songs, games and more.
Positions: Counselors, camp nurse, adventure staff
Representatives: Faither Collier and Corey Collier
Contact Person:  Faith Collier - 1661 John Knox Rd; Fischer, TX 78623
                             Phone:   830-935-4568, Fax: 830-395-4189 faith@johnknoxranch.org

Laity Lodge Youth Camp (Kerrville, TX)
Coed, interdenominational Christian youth camp. We focus on fun, spontaneity and relationships to show kids Christ.
Positions: Counselors, cooks, support staff
Representatives: Geoff Rich, Allison Sanches, Chandler Pruitt and Katie Schrank
Contact Person:  Geoff Rich - PO Box 290670; Kerrville, TX 78029
                             Phone:  830-792-1220, Fax: 830-792-1229 geoff@llyc.org

Rockin' C Ranch (Lindale, TX)
Christian camp on a working ranch.
Positions: Summer counselors and program staff
Representative: Wendell Weaver 
Contact Person:  Wendel Weaver - 5300 CR 325; Lindale, TX 75771
                             Phone:  903-858-3308, Fax:  903-858-1515 retreat@rockincranch.org

Philmont Scout Ranch, Boy Scouts of America (Cimarron, NM)
12 day high adventure backpacking trip into the Rocky Mountains. 33 different staffed back country camps offer programs such 
as rock climbing, horse program, fly fishing, shooting sports, challenge events, interpretive camps, etc. 
Positions: Over 950 positions available including backcountry staff, rangers or guides, all base camp positions, wranglers,
maintenance, food service, etc. 
Representative: Doug Palmer, Donnie Lunsford
Contact Person:  Doug Palmer, Donnie Lunsford - 17 Deer Run Road; Cimarron, NM 87714
                             Phone: 505-376-2281, Fax:  505-376-2636 camping@philmontscoutranch.org

Prude Ranch Summer Camp (Fort Davis, TX)
A 53 year old private recreational summer camp for boys and girls ages 7 to 16. Activities include horseback riding, swimming, 
riflery, archery, hiking, sports, arts and crafts, challenge course and other western based activities.
Positions: Counselor, lifeguard, wrangler, nurse
Representative: Kelly Boultinghouse
Contact Person:  Kelly Boultinghouse - PO Box 1907; Ft Davis, TX 79734
                             Phone:   432-426-4406, Fax:  432-426-3502 camp@prude-ranch.com

Rocky River Ranch (Wimberley, TX)
An all girls camp since 1953, Rocky River Ranch provides girls ages 7-15 a safe and fun atmosphere to learn, grow and challenge 
themselves. Traditional activities include canoes, horseback, arts and crafts and more!
Positions: Cabin counselors, specialized teachers for tennis, dance, drama, horseback and sports
Representatives: Rue Hatfield and Fuleri Kinikiti
Contact Person:  Shanna Watson - PO Box 109; Wimberley, TX 78676
                             Phone: 512-847-2513, Fax: 512-847-9067 shannalynn_03@hotmail.com

Signature Services Corp. (Dallas, TX)
We serve 18 camps throughout the US from the Midwest to California.
Positions: Food service management trainee
Representatives: Christina Bell, Monica Salazar, Earon Gatlin and Steve Grinder
Contact Person:  George Hughes - PO Box 35885; Dallas, TX 75235
                             Phone:   214-353-2661, Fax: 214-358-5873 george@signatureservices.com

Sky Ranch (Van, TX)
We are a Christian summer camp in East Texas.
Positions: Summer camp counselors
Representatives: Callie Binder, John Morgana and Zach Niles
Contact Person:  Vernon Hughes - 24657 CR 448; Van, TX 75790
                             Phone: 903-216-4132, Fax: 903-569-6359 callieb@skyranch.org

T Bar M Camps (New Braunfels, TX)
At T Bar M Camps, our mission is to present Jesus Christ, teach his ways and represent him in an exciting, encouraging and 
enthusiastic camp experience.
Positions: Summer camp counselors
Reprentatives: Cole Adams, Jen Adams, Raufel Walters, Gip Keeton, Nik Williams, Sarah Rinn
Contact Person:  Cole Adams - 2549 Hwy 46 West; New Braunfels, TX 78132
                             Phone: 830-620-4263, Fax: 830-620-4280 cole@tbarm.com

Texas 4-H Center (Brownwood, TX)
Residential camp. Programs include archery, riflery, canoeing, crafts, dance and rock wall.
Positions: Summer staff supervisor, aquatic supervisor, program assistant, lifeguard, dorm counselors
Representatives: Drew Pickle and Scott Cross
Contact Person:  Drew Pickle - 5600 FM 3021; Brownwood, TX 76801
                             Phone: 325-784-5482, Fax: 325-784-6486 d-pickle@tamu.edu

Texas Lions Camp (Kerrville, TX)
Summer camp for children with physical disabilities and diabetes.
Positions: Summer camp staff for bunkhouse, waterfront, ropes course, sports, arts and crafts, fine arts, nature studies and 
Representatives: TBA
Contact Person:  Steven King and Glen Wilson - PO Box 290247; Kerrville, TX 78029-0247
                            Phone:   830-896-8500, Fax: 830-896-3666 tlc@lionscamp.com

Vista Camps (Ingram, TX)
Private summer camp located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. We teach the things you like to do: waterski, sports,
camping, horseback, canoe, music plus be an important part of children's lives.
Positions: Summer camp counselors
Representatives: Freddie Hawkins, Chaille Hawkins
Contact Person:  James Rice - HCR 78 Box 215; Ingram, TX 78025
                             Phone:  830-367-5353, Fax:  830-367-4044 riovista@ktc.com

YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow (Hunt, TX)
Located in the beautiful Hill Country and on the Guadalupe River, we seek energized staff who want to grow personally 
and help our campers grow in spirit, mind and body. We want to meet you!
Positions: Counselors (male and female), waterfront director, challenge course director, head wrangler, and CIT directors
Representatives: Larry Gilbert, Stephanie Skinner, and Angie Tamburello
Contact Person:  Stephanie Skinner - PO Box 770; Hunt, TX 78024-0770
                             Phone: 830-238-4631, Fax: 830-238-4280 stephanies@ymcasatx.org

YMCA Camp Grady Spruce (Graford, TX)
Resident camp located on Possum Kingdom Lake for children ages 7-16. Specialty camps in equestrian, water sports, scuba
and rock climbing.
Positions: Counselors, water front specialties, wrangler, medical cabin.
Representatives: Shannon May, Mike Roberts
Contact Person:  Karly E. Taylor, Laurin Capri Destefano - 9409 Garland Road, Dallas TX 75218
                             Phone: 214-319-9944, Fax: 214-328-9977 laurina.cgs@ymcadallas.org

Establishing a Credentials File

Establishing a Credentials File

The following items must be received by University Career Center:

  • One copy of your official or unofficial transcript (photocopies are permitted)
  • Student teacher evaluations, if you did not complete your student teaching through Tech.
  • Recommendation letters.
  • A copy of your resume.

Instructions for Forwarding Your Credentials 
Please have the following information, regarding the intended recipient of your credentials,
available when contacting University Career Services :

  • Name of person/title.
  • Name of organization/school district.
  • Complete mailing address or fax number.
  • Any special instructions.

School Districts in Major Cities:

Austin Area Schools

Corpus Christi Area Schools

Dallas Area Schools

Fort Worth Area Schools

Houston Area Schools

Lubbock Area Schools

Lubbock Area Schools (25 - 50 mile radius)

Private/Parochial Schools

San Antonio Area Schools


Requesting a Credentials File

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