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4 Year Career Plan

Year 1: Self-Assessment, Questioning, and Career Planning Activities

Collect, analyze and evaluate information about yourself to develop a career position consistent with your personality, abilities, values, interests, education, past work and life experiences. Talk to faculty, advisors, counselors, administrators, and friends. Read a variety of career and business publications. Explore exercises, projects, and psychological tests to narrow down your career interests. Use your degree plan electives to take courses in areas of interest to you. Complete a computerized guidance program (offered at Career Services).

Become active in campus activities that will help you become familiar with career options. Register with Career Services and become familiar with their services.

Year 2: Career Exploration and Investigation Activities

Develop a file of information about specific careers and narrow your potential career options down. Accumulate and analyze information about the world of work, office politics, corporate culture, and workforce diversity. Participate in Career Day programs. Create your resume, make contact lists, prepare a cover letter and investigate various job search strategies. Have a career counselor review your materials. Consider internships, co-ops, and summer jobs.

Year 3: Gaining Career Experiences and Making Decisions

Explore cooperative education opportunities in your field. Check with Career Services for on-campus interview schedules and employer listings. Be a leader on campus. Review and update your resume and job search correspondence. Start asking past employers and professors to serve as references. Practice your interview skills. Attend workshops on resumes, cover letters, and the interview process. Review alternative career plans. Network! Network! Network!

Year 4: Job Search/Transition to Work Activities

Update your resume frequently. Register with Career Services early in the year. Put your job search campaign in high gear. Schedule interviews on campus and on-site with as many employers as possible. Discuss career opportunities with faculty and counselors, friends and acquaintances. Keep your career planning log updated with interview results and assessments of your performance during interviews. Consider and review job offers. Accept the job that best fits your career and professional needs. Develop a log of topics that you need to address if making your transition from college to the working world. Perform efficiently, learn corporate culture and move up!

Please call Career Services at (806) 742-2210 to make an appointment with a counselor if you need any more help.